Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preschool Ditch Day

Where better to go on a day that you deliberately ditch preschool to hang out with your besties?
Chuck E. Cheese.
Otherwise known as "the casino for kids."
It has it all, games, prizes, jackpots, coins!
If it wasn't so much *fun* it might be considered unhealthy.
We showed up for a little pizza and gambling, er, I mean game playing at 10am on a Monday and if I were a betting woman, I'd say that was the jackpot. There were workers busily resetting the games and leaving those precious tickets just hanging out of the machines for our kids gathering pleasure. We were the only patrons for the first half hour and the kids had a blast running amuck. We even ordered pizza before 11am! This newly remodeled version of our Chuck E. Cheese was great for games and rides. Lincoln was not so sure about the rides but the pizza, he was pretty sure about that. They all got a little friendly with the giant mouse. Here are a few of the out takes of our morning with the Higerd girls. The video is a poorly shot video from my phone and you'll never get that 40 seconds of your life back but if you're into terrible, I mean adorable, dancers, then you might be interested.

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