Friday, February 18, 2011

I Zip, You Zip, WE Zip!

Frugal momma here saw this deal on my Groupon site back in December. It was the most expensive Groupon I had ever bought but after reading the reviews, I knew it was a good price for something I wanted to check off our "list" of things to do. Who knew you could find such beauty in Fayetteville?
I bought this for Jason as part of his Christmas present but selfishly, I wanted to do it more than him.

Our guides were funny and had each couple write the others name on their helmet. It was what you'd be called for the rest of the day. I quickly choose Jason's name for the day and although it could have (should) been much worse, I named him Malechi. He and Jackson recently watched children of the corn and they walk around scaring each other by saying "Malechi" in a screechy voice. My name on the other hand, well, you'll see and it wasn't nice!

We first did "ground training" where we were 2ft off the ground as they showed us how to use our equipment.

We progressively moved to higher zips. Some were high and straight and some were U shaped and you really had to move fast to get up the uphill haul.

Some were short and you could see the other platform and some were so long, you had to get halfway across before you could even see the other side. I was a little afraid as we got higher. I'm not necessarily afraid of heights but since I've had children, I've become a little more cautious. I mean, somebody has to take care of these kids everyday and as their mother, it might as well be me.
So yeah, I'm a little bit of a tree hugger at heart!

There were 3 of these suspension bridges and they were the real deal! The were shaky and swinging and of course Jason liked to make them a little more exciting!

Doesn't he just look thrilled! I caught him talking more than I tried getting good pictures of him. It was fun!

This is the word that caught my attention. I'm a sucker for any type of waterfalls. It is a childhood fantasy that I never outgrew. 10 years ago this Valentines Day, Jason secured my "YES" to his proposal (2 years later) when he surprised me to a trip to Niagara Falls on a weekend trip to NY. He told me to pack warm, picked me up from the airport and we drove 8 hours to the Canadian Line to see the falls. It was nearly 2am when we got there and before we even checked into the hotel, we went to see the falls. He knew I couldn't wait until morning. It was a COLD weekend with night time temps in the negatives! I loved every minute of being there and I knew then I was gonna marry this guy!
So, it ain't Niagara but still a waterfall in Fayetteville nonetheless. It was the pinnacle of the zip and the last zip rides right over them. They are known as Carvers Falls.
Yes, he was talking again. That's what he gets for letting my 5 year old watch horror movies. Oh, and it's also his job to get up with him if he has bad dreams. That was the deal. Malechi, ha!

It was a FABULOUS day in February, 77, highest temps of this year so far. It was a great day for zip lining and even better to be spending the day together. It's hard to believe now but this time last year, he was still in Afghanistan.


  1. That was an awesome blog baby!!! I love you and am so happy that got to spend an incredible day with an even more incredible woman. I love you and I'd hang out in the trees with you anyday! I love you!

  2. Awesome! I SO wish we had done that before we left Fayetteville! I'm glad you guys had a great time!

    And I love that he wrote SKANK on you helmet. Hee hee!

  3. It really looks like you guys had so much fun!! I am so going to do that with Bill. Not sure if I will be able to get the price you did. My not-so-frugal-self will probably end up paying full price or something!!

    I am still trying to get past the fact that Jackson has watched The Children of the Corn!! I had so many night mares after that movie. I won't even watch it today!! To funny!!

  4. That is awesome! What a fun time! We need to do that. What do you do when you don't make it all the way across?