Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentines Tale of 2 Sons

This morning I got up extra early to bake Jackson and Lincoln Chocolate chip heart shaped muffins in my granny's antique 120 year old cast iron muffin pan. I got dressed, dressed Jackson and my sweet hubby offered to take Jackson to school today. Before he left, he gifted me with the best 5 year old Valentine present ever. He and his dad spent last saturday at Walmart browsing the cards and chocolates to find a present for me. He let Jackson lead him and this is the card Jackson deemed PERFECT for me!

On the inside it reads "So lucky to know a sweet little girl like you, So special, so precious, so loveable too! Happy Valentines day!

Jackson (in his writing) and Lincoln

And this is the gift Jackson choose for me. He's got a pretty good start on the way to a girls heart! Bless him!

Now for the flip side...

Lincoln decided to gift me with an extra 30 minutes of morning sleep. This allowed me to begin operation clean house and read my daily devotion. When he woke up I went to get my loud little munchkin. As I lifted him out of his crib, I noticed it was wet along with his clothes through his diaper. I undress and undiaper him and then put him down to take the sheets of his crib for the washer. He proceededs to go into the living room to get his book. On the way there, he decides to take his morning dump.

On my living room floor. And if that's not enough, he decides to walk through it and back to his bedroom so that I'll read the book to him. Then he finishes the job right there on his own carpet, while I begin my morning meltdown. (if you were hoping for photos, there are NONE!)

You can imagine how the rest of my morning went...clean the baby, clean the tub from the baby, clean the carpet, clean the hardwoods, clean the carpet more, clean the sheets...and the list goes on. Thanks Lincoln for the reminder that I'm still a mom, even on Valentines day!

This leads to my Valentines night which includes the second, (ok, ok, THIRD) one of these I've consumed since they were delivered by neighbor along with a large glass of red wine. <>

Now that I think I've earned this Valentines day.

Next year, I think I'll be more glamorous like the kitty with the crown in the photo above.

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  1. I'm not trying to one-up you, but wanted to share our Valentine's Story as well. It was also my birthday and not only did nobody remember either day, Lorelai pooped on the play ground. She's four. She asked her teacher to go potty. She asked her to hold it (totally okay, Lorelai has a history of over-asking for the bathroom) and she took it upon herself to take a dump right there on the playground. Granted, I didn't have to clean it up like you did, but I just wanted you to know that our Valentine's day was pretty "crappy" too. :-)