Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Perfect Picnic Spot

I can remember being 5. It's the first age that I truly think I can recall outside of seeing photos.

I remember reading this book.

I remember the dialect my mother used for each character. This was my book, given to me by my cousins at age 3.

My mother is a keeper of all things and today, I'm glad she kept this book for me to share with my 5 year old.

We had a Sunday afternoon picnic.
It might be February but it was also 80 degrees, sunny and we were all alone. Lincoln was napping, Daddy was working and it was just the two of us.
I made sandwiches with his help and we packed our picnic basket with chips, salsa, carrots and cookies!
I got out the picnic blanket and he choose the "perfect spot" in our yard. He said he chose one with NO onion grass!
Then I took a stroll down memory lane as I read the book I remember so well to my 5 year old. It wasn't the first time we've read it but it was the first time on a picnic.
I hope these are the memories that HE remembers forever and that he thinks as highly of me as I do my own mother!


  1. I hope this isn't creepy, but I'm a friend of Mari's and I read your blog. I love it. Your boys are absolutely adorable. You have given me (without knowing it) several fun ideas to do with my kiddos. Thank you for that. :)



    I have the same book that my grandmother gave me in 1982, it had a cassette tape( long lost now) and the kids have always loved that book!

    I can't believe in NC you guys are in shorts and on a picnic and here in the sunny SO CAL desert.... it's too cold for that! :)