Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Now Zoo Cow?

This photo montage represents Lincoln's trip to the Montgomery Zoo. We visited there with Jason's aunt and uncle during our 2 weeks living ouy of our car like gypsies. It was a fun filled 2 weeks but traveling ain't easy on a 2 year old who has a special relationship with his bed (specifically his bumper pads). So this was Lincoln's commentary...

Lincoln: Cow?
Me: No, Lincoln that's an American Alligator.
Lincoln: Cow?
Me: No, silly, that's a hungry jaguar.

Lincoln: Cow?
Me: No, that's a, hmm, that's a, well, it looks like a kangaroo/pig/rat to me!

Lincoln: Cow?
Me: Nope. Flamingo. Try again.

Obviously he's a little confused. With a beat up face and mussed hair, who can blame the little gypsy baby.

Lincoln: Cow?
Me: Well, considering we are not on a farm but at the zoo, this is about as close as you're going to get Lincoln.

Lincoln: Roll Tide! (you thought he was going to say Cow, didn't you?)
Jason: Yeah buddy! Roll Tide, elephants!
Sadly he's managed to brainwash my 2 year old also.
These 2 salivating over the sight of those ugly elephants. I prefer the tigers at the zoo. They get to lay around and eat MEAT!
Lincoln: Cow?
Me: Ok, buddy, it's time to go home. We can see cows just about anywhere.
Jason: Yeah, Mom's college was FULL of cows!
Smart Aleck!
Lincoln: Cow?
Me: No, bud, that's a horse. Do you ever give up?

Lincoln and Jackson: Roll Tide!
Me: Ugh, I've LOST this battle. Oh well, I've still got enough pride to say WAR EAGLE!
And that concludes our trip to the zoo.
For journalism sake, there was a MAJOR meltdown by Lincoln over a pb&j or a juice box or maybe nothing at all shortly before the conclusion of the zoo trip. Sadly it wasn't the first one that day...nor the last.
Oh Lincoln!

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  1. If it makes you feel any better Jamie, Delainey totally pulled her pants down and started to pee right in front of the elephants a few weeks ago (it was still early in potty training for her) at the Montgomery Zoo! Ha, apparently she isn't an Alabama fan either!