Sunday, June 12, 2011

Red, White and TWO year old!

Lincoln turned 2 on May 26th. We planned him a family party for the following weekend. It wasn't about presents but about our family being together which is what we love! We are so happy to be living close enough to make a weekend trip more than once every 3-6 months! While feeding a large extended family, we kept it simple by eating hamburgers, cake and homemade ice cream.
I had the red, white and blue theme planned for a while because the birthday fell on memorial day weekend but we had it a week later. I threw together the table setting just before we left for the party and caught my photographer at just the right time to get the photos in. The 100 year old boxwoods behind us make the perfect setting. They have been an icon in front of my grandparents house all of our lives. As a child, Tracie and I would play "house" in them and from what I hear, my mom and her sister did too! Many a tractor has been driven in that dirt underneath those.
May 26th is also my cousin Ben's birthday. He is now 18 and will be a senior next year.

My latest garage sale find was a 75 cent bubble blower for the bathtub that served it's 75 cents worth to have the boys smiling and chasing bubbles in the pictures. I'll be honest, I kinda like it too. You never get too old for bubbles!

Lincoln didn't have any friends his age at the party but that only meant that he was star of the show and what kid doesn't like ALL the attention?

Love these little brothers! Oh and the coordinating outfits, yeah, I planned that MONTHS ago! I'd probably be embarrassed if anyone knew how much planning went into these boys coordinating outfits!
Happy Birthday Ben and Lincoln!
The 3 Gotcher brothers. I guess this is what our family would be if I have another boy someday!
No birthday of ours is complete without tractors, John Deere Tractors!

Oh how sweet is this! Jackson said our prayer while standing beside my Granny! He is SUCH a sweet boy. Just look at those hands!

This is Lincon's "mamie", Jackson's "Aunt Jamie" and my Aunt Janie.
Her name is Janet. She is my mother's sister.
She has always been beyond special to me.
Confession: when I was little, I had an airbrushed shirt that said "I love my Aunt Janie."
She was THAT special! Apparently she is just as special to my boys, they love her. Jackson actually said recently he wanted to live with her. He spent the night recently and came home with a "chocolate sandwich" (nutella) for breakfast. No wonder he loves her!
This was the photographers dream (still my mom!). Lincoln would blow out the candles and say "again"and we would proceed to re-light the candles and let him blow them out all over again. When we finally called enough, he had gotten quite proficient at it!

Tractors drive in the mud. My little two year old's dream! Happy Birthday to my little Rascal! You are so special to so many people but none more than me!
I love you to the moon!

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