Monday, June 6, 2011

Yellow Belly

This is yellowbelly. He is our turtle visiting from the Little Harpeth River.
Last week, Dad, Jason and Jackson took a 3 hour canoe tour down the river. It took them a total of 5 hours because they concentrated on swimming and fishing while floating along. It was heaven for Jackson.
A few weeks ago, I told Jason that I wanted us to get a baby turtle to play with when we were out on the river boating. When I was a little girl, my dad (avid fisherman) would bring home these little baby turtles for Tracie and I to play with. We often kept them far longer than we should as aquarium pets then we would eventually agree to release them. I knew I wanted the boys to play with one and knew Jason could easily catch them one.
Well, as they are floating down the river in the canoe, Jackson bails out and swipes this baby turtle in one fell swoop. He caught it and proudly held it up and said he caught this one for Momma!
When they got home he couldn't wait to show me what he got me. When I saw it he said, "Surprise! I got it for you for your birthday! I just jumped in and caught it for you because you said you wanted one!" Yes, I did say I wanted one! I was very appreciative and he taught me all about the kind of turtle it is (a yellow belly) and how it would bite if you poked it but it was too little to hurt you.
He spent a few days on our porch eating lettuce and swimming around the 4-wheeler that Jackson thought he needed in there.
A few days later, he agreed that we should return him to the river. We said goodbye to yellowbelly and released him back into the Harpeth River that runs behind our neighborhood.
How sweet is my 5 year old to get me a turtle because after all, I DID say that I wanted one!


  1. He LOVES his momma! What a sweet little child!

  2. I love that Yellow Belly has a 4 wheeler to ride!