Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

Gasp! I actually wrote a 10 on Tuesday!
And right now, It's on schedule to be delivered on Tuesday.
Well, if the pictures come through anyway.

1. I made my 3rd batch of yogurt last night in the crockpot. It was a FAIL. See, Jason turned the oven light off and it is required to keep the yogurt at 100 degrees during overnight incubation. Oh, well, I guess I'll try again.

2. Today we went on a nature hike with my MOMS club. It ended in a complete downpour.

3. Jason has built me a pergola. It started as a frame for my swing. He promised me long before we were married that no matter where we lived, he'd put up my swing. I've always wanted a pergola and this serves both! I'm actually pretty impressed with it.

4. This morning Jackson got up a few minutes before me. When I finally pulled myself out of bed, I walk downstairs and the front door is open. I go to the porch and I see him laying out in the yard beside the house. He is manning his rabbit trap he built last night. He's laying there ready to pull the string if a rabbit hops under his rubbermaid container with carrots and water in it. Tricky, Tricky!

5. We had to make a car payment on my paid for car this week. Something broke and it was overheating. It wasn't as bad as it could have been but paid for cars are supposed to be PAID for and car trouble is never fun!

6. Our NC house is still for rent. We put it for rent because the rental market is supposed to be HOT. Well, I'm hoping God is just waiting on the perfect renters for our house because I'm getting a little anxious about the whole 2 house payments next month!

7. Last week, my mom and sister came by for a couple of days. We went to the famed pancake pantry for breakfast/lunch on Friday. It was true to it's reputation for having a line wrapping around the building at almost ALL times but honestly, it might have just been worth the wait! Jason had the "village smitty" which is cornmeal pancakes with bacon, chilies, cheese, sour cream, salsa, butter and yep SYRUP! It was recently on Man vs Food. I choose one sweet potato pancake and 2 Swedish ligon berry crepes. Made me miss IKEA even more.

8. A friend of mine let me borrow "The Help" to read before the movie comes out. I must choose my books based on what is coming out in movies. I figure if it makes the big screen, its worth the read. So far, I've been right but as a rule, the book is always better!

9. Jason bought me some dark chocolate red wine. When he came home, I thought GROSS. I've seen chocolate wine and it looks milky and disgusting. Nothing from a wine glass should be creamy. This looks exactly like a glass of Merlot. Really. It smells of deep chocolate with a rich and tangy raspberry flavor. It is sweet but it's a dessert wine. Oh my goodness. It is good. It's like drinking dessert. Now I just have to resist having it too often, or at lunch!

10. As Jason sits here practicing his Mandolin, we are considering going to a bluegrass festival this weekend. It's at the Percy Warner park, near where they hold steeplechase horse race. It's a kid friendly night event and local artist and wanna be pickers come together to play. I hear if you bring a stringed instrument you get cheaper admission. I am trying to get Jason to bring his but he's afraid they will actually ask him to play and he's not quite ready for that! I say go BIG or get out!

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  1. Brennen and I love to go to Bluegrass festivals. There was one near Auburn that we went to each year.
    The Fiddlers' Convention in Athens is always the first weekend in October...so much fun!