Sunday, July 17, 2011

We have a Swimmer!

This is your fair warning. This post is a whole lot of PMM.

That's Proud Mama Moment!

I admit a good amount of bragging is about to happen as this is our first athletic milestone and our oldest child.

Ok, now that the disclaimer is posted...
Jackson is a swimmer. He's always been a fish in the water, I mean from WAY back to before toddler. We spent a lot of time at the post pools last year but he still lacked the confidence to believe he could swim all by himself.
We moved here in May and joined the YMCA. At the pools here, you have to pass a swim test that consists of jumping in the lap pool, swimming one lap and getting out, completely unassisted. Once you pass, you are awarded the freedom to slide down the super cool water slides at the indoor pool.
When we first joined, we thought it would be out of the question this year and maybe into next before he would be able to do this feat but today his daddy worked with him and within an hour, he said he was ready.

Boy was he ready!

That boy jumped in and swam that lap like a champion swimmer.

I wasn't sure if something was chasing him or he really did believe he was Michael Phelps going for the gold.

Either way, he swam his lap and came out with a smile on his face. I think even the lifeguards were proud.
They were proud enough to hold the pool open an extra 5 minutes so that boy could reap the rewards of going down the twisty water slide one time before closing time. You'd have thought by dinner time that he had already joined a swim team the way he talked about it. No big deal, he does it all the time.

I'm not sure who carried the bigger ego, Jackson or Jason. It was definitely a milestone for Jason too who has nightly dreams of having athletic children.
I don't think he's got anything to worry about.

There are sadly no photos of this milestone.
We were all waterlogged and there were no cameras or even phones in the near vicinity for me to grab. Don't they always perform when the camera isn't handy.

Here's to the Summer Olympics 2024!

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