Sunday, July 31, 2011

Melt my Heart

I could go on and on about the reasons I haven’t found any time to blog lately, but really, that’s another blog all together.
No really, it is.
I’m hoping for a more regular schedule when school starts.
Let’s just hope it’s not more regular non-blogging.
Unless the blogs I’ve written in my head count. Oh, you couldn’t read those?
Ok then, let’s get on with it.

I have a two year old.
He’s a pretty cute one.
Even in all his tantrum throwing, he manages to sqeeze in some manner of cuteness.
It’s a good thing too, if you’ve ever witnessed one of those tantrums.

{Here's one in case you've missed it.}

He has been forced in front of the camera his whole life. He was 6 days old when he was subjected to his first photo shoot.

He has become accustomed to the camera and the appropriate face for photo taking.
Enter Lincoln’s “cute face.”
He cuts his eyes, flashes that smile and raises his shoulder to his ear.
Cute face.
That’s what we call it and he know’s just what to do.
Melt my Heart!

That boy, like his brother, loves his crib. Most two year olds are looking at or already in their first toddler bed. Not my guy. He has no intention of leaving that crib. He wakes up in the morning and spends quite a while in there practicing his meditation and singing. I’ve heard his songs and most of them consist of cows, water, choo-choo’s and paw-paw. Occasionally, Cars 2 makes an appearance too. When I’m finally ready for him to get up, I will go in and happily announce good morning. He pops out of his “I love my crib” trance and reaches out those little hands for me to hold him. When I pick him up he says, “Chank chu mama a hold.”
Ahh, he just said Thank you mama for holding me!
Oh Lord!
Melt my Heart!

Recently at Jason’s parents, the boys and I went on a walk. We found a mud hole (imagine that)! It had some tadpoles in it that Jackson insisted needed to be caught in a cup for closer examination. As Jackson decended into the ditch Lincoln called out,”Jack-see, mi be a nake.” He felt the need to warn Jackson of the possibility of there being a snake down there. Gotta love brotherly love.
Melt my Heart!

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