Monday, December 19, 2011

Elfing Around

Well, Criddle has made his yearly appearance at the deFoor home.  After a fun couple of years in NC, he now is visiting us in NashvilleTN.  He is definitely bringing his creativity with him from the north pole this Christmas.  He first showed up at Granny Patti’s at thanksgiving.  He then followed us home to Nashville and has really been having a good time watching the boys and reporting to Santa.  Each morning, the boys bound out of bed to see what he has been up to next.  You just never know where Criddle will be found.  He has a wild imagination. 

One weekend, the boys were at Nana and PawPaws when Aunt Janie woke up to something funny going on in her kitchen.  She called Jackson and Lincoln to come quick and see that the elf had came to her house from the north pole and he had cooked them breakfast.  He showed up riding a brass reindeer and brought snowballs donuts, santa hats (white chocolate covered strawberries), raspberry yogurt and peppermint chocolate milk.  It was quite the spread for one little elf.   He had letters written to both boys about watching them and reporting their behavior to Santa.  I was pretty impressed and hoped he’d decide to make breakfast more often.  All he seems to want to make at my house is a MESS!  Go figure!

As we prepare to say goodbye to Criddle again until next year, we leave all of his funny and clever disguises for your viewing pleasure and mine.  I just hope he can keep up with this level of creativity in years to come.  

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