Monday, December 26, 2011

I have a 6 year old-part 1

You might be thinking that it will take 2 blogs because what I have to say about having a 6 year old is so heartfelt and sentimental that the emotion covers more than one blog can handle but that is not the case.  It is in 2 parts because his birthday is SO celebrated, it took us 2 days just to wrap up all the festivities.  Some would say having a birthday so near Christmas is a disadvantage but not to this 6 year old.  Not yet at least.

Being a good mom, like I am, I had scheduled to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular on none other than Jackson's birthday.  He's 6, what does he care if his Mom spends his birthday evening with him?  Well, honestly, he doesn't but it was also not the day of his planned party and I'm still thinking he got a pretty good deal out of my poor planning.
We started out the big day by checking him out of school to meet Nana and my Aunt Janie for burgers at Burger Up, the fancy little burger place on 12S.  No Chuck E Disease for his birthday lunch, we went all out.  We topped it off with popcicles at Las Paletas.  Those popcicles are good no matter how cold it is outside!  Next, we headed to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  That place is an event in itself.  The extent to which they decorate for Christmas is above and beyond and definitely worth seeing once a year!  It was his birthday 2 years ago we also visited the Gaylord for an overnight stay.  Such a fun staycation.  I wonder if I can get someone to take me there for my birthday next year?
Aunt Janie ponied up the nearly $20 bucks to take them on the little indoor boat ride around the hotel river.  yes, I said river, inside the hotel.
The Gaylord hotels have partnered with Dreamworks animations and brought characters to the hotel to add to the magic.  The only catch is you have to purchase a "Dreamworks" package to have your picture made with the characters.  As we longingly looked at Po the Panda from Kung Fu Panda, a nice man walked up and asked us if we'd been to the ICE exhibit.  I told him no and he handed me 2 tickets to it plus the bracelets that allow you access to the Dreamworks experience!  Score!  So Jackson and I visitied the panda and Shrek on our way out to see the Merry Madagascar Ice display.  This is what he had asked for ever since a boy in his class had gone.  I was glad it worked out so that we could take him and even more glad that Jason and I didn't have to pay the exorbitant ticket prices to get it!
At the ICE building, we were fitted with extra large parkas for our journey through the 2 billion lbs  (or something like that) of ice carved in every color to look like all the characters from the Merry Madagascar movie.  It was pretty stunning to see the cool creations and by cool I mean 14degrees indoors!  It is COLD in there.  By the time we got to the exhibit highlight, Lincoln was starting to whine.  Jackson, Jason and Lincoln took on the ice slide more than a few times before Jackson himself decided it was time to move on to warmer climates.  By the time we got to the nativity in ice, Lincoln was crying and Jackson was sporting a red nose.  We were pretty glad to see those doors and feel the heat again.  When the boys thawed out, Jason took them home and Mom, Aunt Janie and I walked over to the Grand Ol' Opry to see the Rockettes.  It was my 3rd time to see them and it never ever gets old to me.  I LOVE it.
I'd say Jackson had a pretty great birthday for a 6 year old and the fun is just beginning.  Part 2 will feature pirates, volcanoes and slime.  Yes, everything a 6 year old could possibly love.

And out of obligation:  How in the world do I have a reading, writing, math whiz, bike riding, growing taller by the minute 6 year old?  It is amazing how quickly he went from looking like a toddler to being a blooming Kindergartner with a very independent mind.  He's growing up faster than ever and learning like never before.  Some Most days he surprises me with things I didn't know he knew.  I guess I'm still getting used to him being away from me for more hours of the day than he's with me and depending on someone else to teach him.  I'm not one for homeschooling, Jackson is definitely a social child and his school is great but I do miss being in the know about what goes on with him every day.  He has always been the easiest, most agreeable child.  He was my perfect child.  He is a pleaser and a charmer.  He is his father at age 6.  And I couldn't possibly love him more!

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