Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lincoln Lately

Just a few of Lincoln's sayings lately. He's more talkative than ever. Actually he never stops. Until you want him to say something. Then he clams up like a conch shell. Hot little mess.

Today he took off his jeans and put on his snowman pajama pants. I hear him in the hallway and he's saying "I'm a Snowman butt." I corrected the "bathroom talk" until I realized that he was serious. He had changed his own clothes.

In another speech correction, somewhere (JACKSON) he learned to say "kill you" while pretending to fight and play with Jackson. I constantly say "Don't say I kill you." So tonight in the car while playing that game Lincoln says "I can't say I kill you, Jackson" "Mom said don't say kill you". Nice way to say it anyway Lincoln.

Since my Birthday in November I've been waking up to an adorable version of Happy Birthday to you every couple of mornings. It goes something like: "Happy To-day, Happy To-day, Happy to Mommy" I kinda like it. I could use to celabrate my birthday a little longer!

This morning, I came downstairs to Lincoln helping himself to the chocolate in his advent calendar. Today he enjoyed day 11, 13 and 19. So much for the daily advent.

I had a sweet friend ( www.hankorange.com ) make the boys custom Vanderbilt shirts to sport around the Vandy campus. We are already an anomaly in the Owen grad program being a family of 4 and not fresh out of college. I figured if we were going to stand out, we might as well look good!

Tonight we made a quick Santa visit at the YMCA. We are not a huge Santa family and last year, I vowed to NEVER again wait in line to see the pretender in the big red suit. It was a Fayettville mall casualty event and I learned my lesson. So they boys were excited to see him and as we walked in they both lit up. As we got closer, Lincoln stopped. He wasn't getting any closer to that poser. Jackson was already in full conversation but all Lincoln could do was stand there and wave. He wants to love the guy, he knows he should but he can't help but hesitate at the strange guy with an outdated beard that looks like a mask only allowing you to see his eyes. I can't really blame him but his hesitation is cute and frustrating. Santa leans down to ask Lincoln if he's been good this year and Lincoln promptly announces, "NO!" Truth hurts.

It's no secret. Lincoln can be a bad boy. And he is stubborn. And he doesn't back down until I break out the spoon. Yes, the spoon. Then he is SOOoooooo sorry. He back that little tush up saying "I'm sorry mommy, I sorry, I sorry" You better believe I continue on with the spoons delivery.

Most days that we are home, you will find Lincoln only half clothed. Usually the top half as he is begining to potty train and prefers to "do it himself." If seen wearing anything on the bottom, he can be found wearing ONE black cowboy boot and ONE fireman rainboot. He always, ALWAYS pairs them this way. It takes skill to assure that the shoes I always pair up get paired his very own way. It's safe to say, Lincoln gets his style from his dad.

We're still on the Goodnight Moon book. We read it everyday. Several times. The main objective in the book is to find the mouse. Did you know that on every "colored" page of that book, there is a tiny little mouse? It's true and Lincoln can show you each one of them.

This boy LOVES to say his prayers. We say them mostly at night before bed but when he's with my dad, Lincoln requests to "say prayers" more frequently. He mumbles along with the praises and prayers of thanksgiving and then announces "amen" at the end. I can't help but take a peek at how tightly he closes his cute little eyes during these prayers.

We live along the Harpeth River. The depth of the river fluctuates greatly with the rainfall. There is not a time that we pass it that Lincoln doesn't comment on the "Ribber" on the way home.

That boy never misses an "oh wow" (construction vehicle), a truck or a monmower (lawnmower).

Lincoln is more obsessed with trains than ever before. I recently retrieved some of Jackson's Geotrax out of storage and we made a track around the Christmas Tree. It's the site of many hours of fun in the daytime and many fights and squeals when Jackson gets home in the afternoon.

This morning, our elf was caught eating a chocolate bar. Lincoln thought this was the funniest yet. He's a big fan of candy and especially at breakfast. Not a chance Lincoln. But he said "Look, mommm, that elf eat chocky, he make mess!"

He sings the sweetest little rendition of Jingle Bells. It mostly goes "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells" over and over but there is a "HEY!" in there somewhere. Nothing cuter than a kid singing Christmas songs to me.

So I got some new pajamas. They are pink and covered in very LOUD and Bold Owl prints. I really like them but they are LOUD. Lincoln walks into the bathroom where I have donned them and says "Mom, Sooooo pretty, You birds!"
Awww, thanks Lincoln!

And one for Jackson...Tonight, he asked us "Do you know that Russian guy? The one with the white beard? (thinking santa claus)He says, You know, the one that wrote about that soldier and him fighting the 6 headed mouse while those girls danced around him?
It was the nutcracker, he was trying to think of the guy who wrote Then Nutcracker. Oh. I had to google. It was Tchaikovsky, Peter Tchaikovsky. Are they really teaching my KINDERGARTENER about Tchaikovsky?! I'm impressed!

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