Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cause and Effect

There's been no earth shattering occurrences happening in the deFoor household lately. Of course there's always something going on and this is the best way I knew how to explain it.

Cause:  We like to eat.  We like to eat good!  And, we eat out what most people would call a lot.  We also eat A LOT of pizza.
Effect:  Jackson recently told me when he grows up he's going to have his own restaurant.  It's going to be called Fiano's and it will have the world's best pizza Ever.  I think he's onto a good start!

Cause:  I've recently been threatened by a gun in Kroger if I didn't purchase fruit snacks (Lincoln) and permanently disposed of 2 sets of expensive Beyblades over a crying 6 year old.(Jackson)
Effect:  I just purchased "How to Unspoil Your Child, Fast" on Amazon for my Kindle.  Now, I better get to reading, fast, before I perish in Kroger of embarrassment!

Cause:  We are slowly trying to potty train my spoiled youngest child.  Mostly at home but I am not opposed to taking him when I'm out.
Effect:  I asked the ladies at church to take him in a few minutes and they did.  In the bathroom he loudly explained to them that "He'd pee pee at His Mama's house!"  So they gave up and let it be.

Cause:  Again, we're potty training, slowly.
Effect:  Underwear.  I hear more about underwear than I ever cared to hear.  I listen to it non-stop.  Specifically after Jason taught them this awesome new song that goes:
"Lincoln likes to wear dirty underwear"
Jackson likes to wear dirty underwear" in a real sing-song type chorus that just can't help but be repeated over and over and over.  Thanks Jason!

Cause and Effect here are in the same photograph.
The Cause:  I'm still buying diapers, still.
The Effect:  In addition to my diaper purchases, it has become necessary to also purchase anti wrinkle cream.  It is certain that the diapers and all that accompanies them is the cause for any wrinkles that have or may occur and this is how I make myself feel better in caring for them.  The wrinkles, that is.

Cause:  We jokingly questioned Lincoln's masculinity recently while we were hanging out with some friends that have a little girl a little older than Lincoln.  He let her put kiddy make-up ALL over him and he proceeded to paint his nails and everyone else's that would let him.
Effect:  Ain't nobody going to question whether not he's a boy.  You might call it well rounded but he wouldn't think twice about shooting your eye out!

Cause:  Jackson has finally learned to read Lincoln's favorite book.

Effect:  No more bears, chairs, mice or mush for me!  One day I'll miss that book but it's not today!

Cause:  The local recreation center has free roller skating on Friday's from 4-5pm.

Effect:  Bruised up hyper kids happy that it's the weekend and not nearly as tired as one might expect them to be after an hour of "butt meets floor".  And the need for a large margarita...for ME of course!

Cause:  The Zoo is not quite as lively in January.

Effect:  Our "free" membership zoo trip cost me $15 in tickets to ride this short and kid professed boring train that went in a small circle around some pine trees.  We could have jump started the ol' Husqvarna lawnmower in our garage and taken a more exciting trip around our own house.  Ah, the things we do for kids and those smiles!

Cause:  Same zoo, same cold animals.
Effect:  This time it was the carousel.  I do find it odd, however that Jackson chose the snake while Lincoln chose the monkey to ride.  One would think it would be the other way around.  Those 2.  The carousel was a hit.  I rode the ostrich for photo ops.  It was a pleasing ride.  Now, I think I'll go stick my head in a hole.

Cause:  Daily, I mean daily, we all still make references to our friends back in NC.  Don't get me wrong, we LOVE LOVE Nashville but those girls in NC were like my family and I still miss them dearly.

Effect:  I just book cross-country plane tickets for a summer-time trip to CALIFORNIA!  We're takin' the deFoors (plus my mom!) to see the Higerd girls in Cali for a week.  Hollywood, Lego land, Coffee, beach and lots of gossip are currently on the agenda!  It's sure to be a heck of a time!

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