Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions

It's never too late to write down your new years resolutions, is it?  The truth is, they have been written down on my "to blog" notebook ever since Dec 30th.  Before I even finished the reflections blog.  I just haven't found the time to sit down and compose them on the keyboard.  So they were there.  I just have to get started on them.
 Up first....stop procrastinating!
Just kidding.
But seriously, maybe I should think about that one considering the slack.

Every year, my sister prompts me to make resolutions.  Sometimes, I'm totally in for it and make something "usual" and we hold each other to it for several months (or weeks, who's counting?)  Some years, I'm not in the mood or situation to desire making resolutions.  That has been the case the last several years.  Two years ago, Jason was still deployed and my resolutions was to not go crazy until he returned.  It was  a close call as can be read about here (man, that got UGLY!). But I made it.  Barely.  Last year, we were really diving into the whole, life change, get out of the Army thing.  I was feeling the weight of moving, selling the house, making new friends along with sending my first born into Kindergarten in a whole new town where I knew no one.  My resolution was a crabby "find a decent place to live and a spectacular public school for my child to attend."  I was already feeling the anxiety about making those two things happen in the same location.  But alas, I did.  With only a hint of skepticism, we are happy in our place and I'm pretty happy about sending him BACK to spectacular  public school tomorrow so I can get started on the rest of these!

(Jason and I are in a disagreement about resolutions.  He says you only make one or you are setting yourself up to fail.  I say, the more you make, the more chances you have to succeed .  You decide.)

1.  Strive for JOY in motherhood.  And in wifelihood for that matter.  I love my job as a wife and mother of these boys but I know I don't always do it joyfully.  Complaining becomes a way of life.  This is the best job I've ever had and I would like to start acting like it.  Joyfully, of course!

2.  Listen to people.  Especially Jason, but everyone.  Make mental notes about conversations and ask about them again later.  Be that person that when I walk away, someone thinks, "she is so thoughtful."

3.  Positive thinking.  I would like to start thinking of everyone, every situation on a more positive note.  I think I start out that way but as I become more comfortable with people, I begin to say things that are not quite so positive.  I want to be the girl that people claim never says anything bad about anybody.  I'd like to think I'm off to a good start as indicated in the line above my first resolution.  See, positive thinking.

4.  Run 10 miles a week.  I would also like to visit the gym 2 days a week.  This may include some of my running, especially when it is 19 degrees in the mornings.  This should be easy to accomplish until May.  The Country Music Marathon training will have me well over this most weeks.  After that, I just have to keep it up!

5.  RECYCLE.  I have always taught the boys abut recycling.  Jackson has always been an earth friendly kid.  He's been known to call my mom out recently on a recycling error.  He has a strong opinion on littering.  We currently reycle plastic, glass, aluminum and paper.  This year, we are going to strive for recycling as much of our trash as possible.  We have no excuse.  The recycling center is on the way out of our neighborhood.  It's nearly walking distance.  We just need to commit to making at least one trip a week.  This house is going GREEN-er!

6.  Enjoy this year in Nashville.  We already know we probably won't be here forever.  We will have to move where Jason's job takes us.  We love Nashville dearly already and we are still learning.  I want to enjoy every aspect Nashville has to offer in the next year we are living here.  It is likely this time next year, I'll be consumed with house hunting and school hunting again so I intend to enjoy the time we have here.  Want to visit?  Now's the time, the fun is just beginning!

7.  Spend quality time with the friends I've made here.  Again, my time here is likely short lived.  I want to nurture and continue to develop the friendships I've made here and really invest in them.  I want to sit, drink coffee, talk, learn.  I'm not the kind of friend that floats in and out of life and when I leave here, these friendships are all I'll have to take with me.  Get ready girls, Starbucks is calling!

8.  Explore GREEN spaces.  Nashville is blessed with green spaces beyond your wildest dreams.  There are so many green spaces here, I'll never visit them all but I'm putting green spaces, greenways and all the Warner parks on my agenda for the year.  When it warms up a little of course.  Join us?!

9.  Better bedtime routine.  We've always had the  bath, books, bed routine but lately it seems a bit harried and rushed.  It is usually my fault for not starting it earlier or eating dinner too late but it has always been one of my favorite parts of the day.  I think it is critically important for winding down wild boys into a peaceful and restful sleep.  I would like to start earlier, eat earlier so that we have time to clean up, dress, brush and choose books without whining, yelling or utter chaos before saying our prayers and turning out the lights.  I think we could all benefit greatly from spending that 45 minutes a night together.  Those are the exact moments I want my kids to remember.  Maybe I should move this one to #1?

10.  Serve.  There are so many ways in which we have opportunities to serve others for God.  I have been enlightened in the fact that those opportunities are all around us.  It's sort of a pay it forward mentality.  Just remembering to think of others before yourself.  Letting them see God through you.  It isn't hard, you don't have to travel far or spend lots of money.  You just have to make yourself available to serve.  I would love to find a way to involve my children in serving.  How great to have them see God's light through helping others!

And what kind of post would this be without a few deFoor family photos?  These were taken on New Years Day after church.  We started the year off right but I'd be lying if I didn't say that these pictures were made with a lot of bribing going on behind the scenes.  Mostly directed towards the bald guy in the back.  Why are men the hardest to photograph?  He's usually  a pretty good sport, he doesn't realize that one day he'll value these photos as much or more than I do.  I adore them, thanks again, MOM!

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