Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So Much for being Green

Starting the new year off right, my accomplishments today have been to run 5 miles and make a trip to the recycling center.  I'm going to have to make almost 2 trips a week to keep up with my new years resolution to strive to recycle everything we possibly can.  I had to wait for Jackson to get home to head to the recycling center on the way to Walmart to have a low tire checked out.  As we drove down the road, I felt my car pulling a little bit but I figured that was exactly why I was taking 2 kids to Walmart at nearly rush hour so we'd be fine until we got there.  At the recycle center between the cardboard bins and the glass drop off, I thought to take a look at my tire.
Well it wasn't low.
It was FLAT.
Like, breath a little harder.  How could I be so stupid? did I ruin it?, flat.
I looked around for the nearest recycling male.  I profiled just a little in deciding to pass on the elderly man and go with the middle age guy that had a fatherly vehicle.  I asked him if I could even drive safely across the street (4 lane highway at a red light) to the Firestone place.  He thought not and I called them to see what I should do. They were uber helpful in taking my number and asking me to wait 10 minutes and never bothering to call back.  Thanks for that!  So we (and by we I totally mean HE) proceeded to change the tire to the spare.  I knew where the jack was.  That's about where it ended.  My dad and Jason have always tried to teach me how to change (and inflate) my tires and I consistently tell them it is not a skill I long to possess.  I don't really want to know how to change a tire.  Have you ever seen how BLACK their hands get after doing that?  No, thank you!  So the guy lays on the wet ground to figure out my jack (did I mention it was raining?) and proceeds to change my tire.  All the while, I stand there holding a bottle of hand sanitizer, a tissue and a $5 bill (which is more cash than I usually carry!)  There is no photo of this but please tell me you have a mental picture of me and my earrings standing there in the chilly rain trying to look helpful (or possibly helpless.)  Occasionally, I lean into the car to threaten screaming, fighting children in the car.
Now screaming children and dirty diapers, I can handle that.  Dirty tire changes, not in my job description.  After getting the spare on and loading the large heavy (or so it looked!) tire in the back of my car, we were able to drive to the Firestone place (SO, not helpful) and they told me that someone could fix the tire but they could not.  Do  they not WANT any business?  So, after wrangling my kids from "riding" the tires in the waiting room, we drove home with no resolve.  When we get home, Jackson realizes he has forgotten the kindergarten stuffed animal that came home with him today at the tire store.  I call to make sure it's there and send Jason by to get it.  In the mean time, I wash my hands (you know, just in case) and pour myself a nice glass of red!  I rank car issues right up there with taking out the trash.  I hate it, it's not my job.  I'm thankful for a man who does both!
So much for being green and trying to recycle.

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