Monday, September 3, 2012

Dr. Lincon on Duty

Last week, it was requested that I become deathly ill.
So wouldn't you know, right in the middle of hanging up laundry, I met my demise and went down.  Lucky for me, Dr. Lincoln was in the house and came right to my rescue.
I'm lucky that he was able to revive me so quickly.  He went straight to work on my ailments. 
I first received a shot.  I only cried a little.  

Then while I waited, there was an emergency case that came in.  Bear Bear (jackson's lovey) had been in an accident and needed immediate medical care.  Dr. Lincoln was on top of it. He went right to work checking his eyes and his heart.  He only needed a bandaid to make him as good as new.  Whew!  That was touch and go there for a while

Just to make sure my blood pressure was good, Dr. Lincoln checked it before I was released.  It looked like I was going to survive and make a full recovery!
He told me to get plenty of rest, do not return to making dinner for 3 days and drink plenty of margaritas!

Ok, maybe it was actually "Can I have a snack and a juice box now?" but a girl can dream!

This Fisher Price Doctors kit was mine as a little girl.  I can remember playing doctor with my sister and giving each other shots all the time. It's fun to see my littles playing with it too!

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