Sunday, September 30, 2012

Money Well Spent

This week, Lincoln and I perused the dollar spot at good ol' Target and among other things, we came across some fantastic fake poop.  I've never been a girl to spend hard earned money on fake poop but I have come to the conclusion with raising boys, if you can't beat em', join em'. 
 And that's just what I did.
I proudly purchased the fake poop and brought it home.  For several days it stayed in my purse.  Yep, girly girl let fake poop remain in her purse until precisely the right moment.  
Friday night was Jackson's schools fall festival type event.  Jackson was getting ready for bed as I neatly placed the poop on his pillow.  I knew Jason was going to be putting them to bed.  It was genius.  Sure enough, Jackson pulled back the covers and started squealing for me to come and I asked Jason to dissolve the situation.  Jason went in and they were both examining the pile as to discover it's validity.  Jackson wasted no time and dove right in to pick it up with his hands.  Jason then started squealing because it was actually squishy and he was not convinced it wasn't real either then.  Soon they both realized it was fake and Lincoln and I came in laughing as we had just fooled the two of them pretty well.  Jason was just as disturbed that Jackson was willing to pick it up with his hands before he knew it wasn't real in the first place. Wouldn't you know then, there was poop flying everywhere.  It has that sticky hand quality so it sticks to everything.  They threw poop on the wall, they stuck it to the ceiling.  It actually remained there all night and the first thing they asked for when they woke up was if someone could please get the poop down so they could play with it.  Poop on their face, on the tv, on the glass door. 
 It was without a doubt the best dollar I spent all week. 

 The fun carried over into Saturday night as Jackson and Jason placed it on the neighbors doorstep.  I heard them come home and Jason snuck over to witness their reaction.  To his surprise, they were down making cell phone photos of the awesome prank.  They were good sports and relieved to find out it was purchased poop and not the free stuff our dogs give out. 
Again, best money spent all week.  If you find yourself needing fake poop in the future, Target dollar spot has you covered.

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