Monday, November 19, 2012

Deep Fried Delicious

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving around here without a crunchy deep fried bird.  It actually doesn't even have to be Thanksgiving for us to break out the turkey fryer but it's become tradition.  For a girl who doesn't do deep fried anything, I live for this stuff!  I actually don't like turkey any other way anymore.  It's perfectly moist and salty and just down right delicious!  Collectively, Jason and my dad decided this year would be the year we expanded our deep fried efforts into the desert category   I think it was mostly Jason's idea but dad wasn't going to object to deep fried chocolate.  First, the fired up the oil  and began the surgical injection of marinade before baptizing our 16 lb bird.   50 minutes later it came out crispy and golden.  

 The only problem with fried turkey is everyone wants to eat the skin.  We wish there was room for more crunchy skin!

If I hadn't been married to him for 10 years, I wouldn't have believed he was going to go through with this but I had no doubts.  He had oreos, banana slices and chocolate bars ready for the fryer.  He also did a little experimentation with a sweet onion.  He tossed every thing in bisquick and into the hot oil it went.  The bananas and the oreos turned out beautifully and were particularly delicious when they were hot!  Jackson really enjoyed the deep fried chocolate bar but I found it a little rich for my tastes.  If he had snickers, I'm certain he would have fried that too.  

 It's Thanksgiving in the South and we'll fry if we want to, fry if we want to...

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

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