Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love is...

I had a plan.  I was going to see her when she was two weeks old.  I would be the only one there and I could see her all alone.  Then D-day came around.  I got random (not enough) texts from my sister and my mom.  I was feeling the labor pains and I wasn't even in labor.  I was crying over the anxeity of a C-section before I knew it was 100%.  She's my little sister and I needed to be there.  On October 18 around 6pm, I became an Aunt for the first time to the little angel called Allie Gray.  It was no secret I was going to love her to pieces but waiting two weeks to see her just wasn't possible.  I had decided before her arrival even that this SUV was headed down south come morning.  I had made a little arrangement with my aunt(*read: aunt who set the "aunt" bar pretty high!) to ride down with me and we would be staying 24 hours before coming back home.   It is a 7 hour drive for me.  I packed up Lincoln (our high maintenance child) and we were off.  We even packed a lunch so we didn't have to stop.  I hadn't mentioned a word of this little rendezvous to my mom or sister.  I had told my dad so he could help us find them.  After 8 hours of driving toward the Florida line, we arrived and I let Lincoln waltz into the hospital room all alone like it was his job.  They were only slightly confused before we busted in to get our hands on that baby!  Mom said she knew I wouldn't be able to wait 2 weeks to meet my new precious niece.  Tracie was still in that medicated phase of delivery that you remember very little.  I knew that.  I remember not remembering anything but I got to hold my baby girl and that was important.  Allie Gray is the first girl on our side of the family in 30 years so she's kind-of a big deal!  I'm pretty sure she loves me and I intend to show her as far as aunts go, well, I'm the best.  

Gas for a 15 hour round trip-$140
Lunch packed so we didn't have to stop: $0
Driving 7 hours one way to lay hands on my first niece:  PRICELESS!

Love is driving 15 hours to spend less than 24 meeting the niece you've always wanted!

 Allie Gray Mooring    10-18-12  7lbs 2 oz

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