Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beyond Ordinary-a book review

You know a book has made an impression when you think before you speak.  You know it's changed you for the better when the words come off the pages and to the front of your mind for the days and weeks after you're done reading.  When you can apply it to your everyday life, it's a real wake up call.

Beyond Ordinary by Justin and Trisha Davis really reaches out to everyday marriages using the story they have lived to lead by example.  It's not your typically "love story" type book.  They really dig down deep and you're going to feel it. It really hit me in the gut to know my husband and I are sometimes hanging out in the ordinary when there's so much more God has in mind for us.  

I had the unique advantage of being pastored by Justin and reading their book was like "the rest of the story."  I could hardly put it down and I could hear them both speaking in their own voices through this book.  I know it's real, it sounds just like them!  

The most interesting aspect of the book was not it's focus on how to fix or solve our marriage problems but it brought to light who we are in God's eyes and put emphasis on where our relationship with Him stands.  The best summary was written by Justin himself when he says
"When you spend time and effort trying to perform and make up for your mistakes, you rob God of the work that he needs to do in your heart, and you put your spouse in the place of God.  There is a better way-an extraordinary way.  The redemption you desire can only be found in Jesus."

They really do a great job covering topics that other marriage books will skirt around.  They get right in the middle of it and turn it around.  Trisha discusses "taboo" topics with such matter of fact talk, anyone can understand and feel comfortable.  

It was easy to relate, fully involved, can't put it down type reading  .I enjoyed the book but most of all, I am thankful for them, God's work through them and the courage to tell their story.  They show us God can help and equip us all to take our marriage from here to extraordinary! 

Justin and Trish Davis are founders of

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