Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snowy Morning, Sunny Afternoon

It was a week of COLD RAIN in January.  On Thursday, the temps dropped just below freezing long enough to produce an hour of big fluffy snowflakes!  We were visiting my parents and they boys wasted no time heading out to play.  We had to hats or mittens with us but that didn't stop these two, er, three.  Little Lucy loved the snow just as much as another baby girl I once knew.  Roxy always loved running around crazy in the NC snow and Lucy was no different.     

 We all caught snowflakes in our mouth and on our eyelashes.  I did finally get them to stop and let me make adorable photos of them but as usual, it came with a fair amount of threatening.  By afternoon the snow was LONG gone and it warmed up so much, you hardly needed a coat outside.  Only in Alabama can it snow all morning and be 50 degrees by mid afternoon.  I'll take that kind of "extreme weather" any day!

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