Sunday, January 27, 2013

Time to make the donuts!

When your baby sister turns 30 and claims she wants a "donut cake", then you get up and get the girl some donuts.  Daddy took the boys and I to Krispy Kreme, which to us southerners is the ONLY kind of donut there is.  

Every good southerner knows what this sign means!!  It means they are makin' the donuts and you can  get em' hot off the line!  We went inside to see just what they were up to.  Making donuts is precise and nowdays, very automated but also fascinating.   

First, the dough is stamped out into circles and placed on this conveyor belt to rise.
 It is then flipped into the oil for a little golden brown coloring.
At precisely the right time, the donut is flipped to the other side to finish the cooking process.

 Lincoln is not so sure about waiting on these fresh donuts.  He thinks those chocolate ones in the case will be JUST fine!

 The donuts go up a ramp for cooling before going under the shower of glaze to perfect the process.
 They round the corner to be placed in boxes but when you're standing in line, THIS is where they load up your sisters birthday donuts!

 They come in many flavors and varieties but to me there's nothing better than a "HOT now donut!"
 And what could be better than 2 dozen donuts for your 30th birthday?  Good thing she's willing to share!  Here's to turning 29 next year because her being 30 just makes me 3 years older too.  Boo!

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