Sunday, March 31, 2013

The great American Family weekend!

A few weeks ago, we had what was possibly our last "normal" weekend here in Nashville.  From here on out, every single weekend is filled with to-do's and prior commitments before our move to Houston in Early June.  That's a pretty packed spring we've got before us.  If the blog suffers, at least you'll know why.  That's my excuse for today anyway.  
On Friday night, my mom's bible study group had a mom's night out at a local taco place.  Sixteen moms and two tables full of laughter and fun.  While I was away, these adventurous guys decided it was the perfect night for a backyard camp out!  They had  been wanting to do it for a while but it had been too cold and has been since then come to think of it.  It was a fine night for a fire and tent camping.  When I returned, the boys were in pjs and had brushed teeth but were still telling ghost stories and playing with flashlights. Lincoln had some pretty funny versions of ghost stories.  Most began with "my great great great grandfader" and ended with someone's head rolling and turning into a monster.  That's my boy!   I said goodnight and before I could get inside, they were both asleep!  

For the record, I went inside to bed, call me a princess but I prefer the comfort of my Sterns and Foster mattress.  Around 1am, I heard Jason carrying the kids to their beds and as he climbed into bed with me he said it had gotten quite chilly and windy and that the camp out had been a success, he was done now.  Can't blame him one bit!
Jackson's first soccer game was bright and early.  He had missed the first practice because he was sick and the poor kid has never played soccer before but I want you to know that kid got out there and played soccer like he knew what he was doing.  He jumped right in and played and that's what team sports are all about!  He's learning too!  

This is our fruit rainbow!  We did this a few years ago and it was a smashing success and is the perfect afternoon snack.  The chocolate coins at the end was a special touch and probably the most enjoyed!  So easy to do and pretty too!

Sunday was St. Patrick's day.  We only celebrate St. Patrick's day by wearing green. That's all my family did and since we don't believe in Leprechauns  we kept it simple.  We decked out in green for church thought, nobody was going to be pinching us!  

Oh, I did also make corned beef and colcannon.  That's mashed potatoes with cauliflower and kale.  It was delicious. Possibly the best mashed potatoes I've ever made!  
On Sunday afternoon, Dad needed a study break so the boys and I went over to the Percy Warner Park to run out a little energy.  We did that for sure.  Little Lucy joined us and really had a good time.  I also had a good time giving her a bath the next day!

We hiked to the top of the mountain and stood on the lookout and then ran all the way back down!  We visited the dirt park and the frog pond.  Interesting things were going on at the frog pond.  It was quite noisy, and lots of the frogs were stacked on top of one another.  Hmmm?  Spring maybe?  We did spot several bunches of frog eggs and the boys had a blast catching a few of the "single" frogs.  

We watched this movie together on Saturday night.  It was a really good one!  Jackson really enjoyed it and he's the one that picked it out.

Jason and I had our regular Friday Korean lunch.  We've been making a habit of eating it nearly every Friday.  It's just that good!  When we're done eating it, I'm already to eat it again.  Move over sushi, you've got some competition!  

That's our great American family weekend.  The last of it's kind here in Nashville.  In the coming weeks, we have a trip to Houston, Jason's school Prom, graduation, a trip to Mexico after graduation and movers coming to pack our things.  
What does YOUR great American family weekend look like?

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