Monday, April 1, 2013

Lincoln Lately v.3.0

I usually don't post videos because they won't print out in my blog books but this one was too cute. I was at my sisters and Lincoln was pretending in her bathroom. Apparently her bathtub was a shark tank. And if you didn't know, sharks are MEAT-EAT-ERS!

 This weekend Jason was perturbed with Jackson for some reason and threatened "If you do that again, I'm gonna whoop your tail!" Lincoln looked up innocently and said, "but we don't have tails but uncle Wyatt gave us some rat tails!" For the record, no rat tails here, they were mink tail key chains. I'm not sure that's any better though. Hey, we're from Alabama! 

 Lincoln says, "Hey mom, mom, mommy...." "I love you." About a hundred times a day. I wouldn't be tired of it if he said it a hundred more.

 We were talking about a baby being born recently and Lincoln asks, "Was I in there when I was born?" Yep, I recall you being there

! On the way to the gym a while ago they had cut down some trees in our neighborhood. We weren't happy about it. I hate trees being cut down, I get it from my mother. Lincoln told me "God uses his magic wand want to make more trees." Well...something like that I suppose.

At the beach last week for Spring Break (blog to come) we saw a plane fly over the beach.  Lincoln said, "Look Mom!  That plane has a SAY behind it."  
Well, I'll say.

 At my sisters, I kept joking asking Lincoln if he wanted to wear this dress or that dress and he loudly proclaimed "I don't wanna wear those GIRL dresses, I wanna wear a BOY dress." Clearly, more explanation is needed on dresses.

 We took our picnic down to the bridge creek while visiting my niece.  The snake had to come too!

Most certainly the cutest kid on the block!  I love him!

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