Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week One in The Woodlands

We've been in Texas a little over a week and so far, well, we LOVE it.  I always knew we would.  We are getting settled and learning our way around this place.  If you know me very well, you know I don't waste any time jumping in with both feet.   We are still working on the house so house pics will come later but this is kinda how it went down the first week in the great state of Texas.
We arrived at midnight and ran like crazies around our big new house.  First and only chance to run around inside because we had no furniture.  
 There is no doubt we had our priorities straight.  The movers were coming in 24 hours but we had plenty of time to GPS the nearest Costco and stock up on produce and you know, pick up a TV or two!  We were holding out until the move to buy THIS.  We were some of the last people on the planet to not own a flat screen TV so when we do it, we do it BIG.  We ended up with a 60" and a 47" for the bedroom.  See, everything IS bigger in Texas...hahaha!

 We also had a little of THIS.  It was necessary.  We were moving across the South with two kids, a dog and a cat.  We had no furniture and the only cups we had were a football cup and a coffee mug.  Whatever. It worked.  Note:  I did not forget the wine bottle opener but then again, I have never let that stop me before.  I think this is also the night we ate pei wei in the floor of the kitchen.  It was delicious.
 This guy is getting serious about his new TV.  Do you think Jason's new "couch" would look better on the other wall?
30 seconds on the clock:  How many redneck things can you say about this photo?
You might be a redneck if...

 Forget the movers...we got this!  The waterpark 1.5 miles away from us opened on friday and we didn't waste any time paying it a visit! Really fun place and so close we could ride our bikes!

 We made some pudding pops.  It's just not summer without some chocolate pudding pops made by climbing on top of the counter to stir.
 We ate from the taco truck.  Some neighborhoods have an ice cream truck, ours has the taco truck and it conveniently comes by close to lunchtime when I'm starving and my utensils are buried under a mound of boxes and packing paper.  They were delicious!
 We found one of the neighborhood parks.  AND made a friend there!  She probably regrets giving me her phone number because I've been interrogating her with local questions ever since!  This is just one of the many many parks we've  seen since moving in.

 We have hung a few things like this D I got at the Nashville Flea Market.  I love it!  We have gotten the downstairs 70% unpacked but then there's the upstairs.  Let's just say I haven't been upstairs much and the boys are still sleeping in the one bed that I made up.  That's the project for next week.  And the next.
 We went to church and liked it.  Then we went to eat pizza and liked it too!  It was quite a rainy sunday but the NY style pizza seemed to make everyone happy!

 So, yeah, we went swimming again.  There are 14 pools, not including splash pads, located in our community and we can go to all of them.  It is our mission this summer to try all of them at least once, so we know which one is our favorite.  2 down, 12 to go!
 We got a hammock.  We decided on the quilted one but we are loving it.  The boys play on it and fall on their head on a regular basis.  It's always fun till someone ends up crying.  Story of my life!

 We received a couple of very special "welcome packages" from TN and Lincoln is enjoying his "racoon book".  It's the kissing hand, sweetest little book!
 Note:  Child has on his pajamas backwards AND inside out.  My sister used to do this all the time.  Her excuse was tomorrow when she takes them off they'll be right side out again.  Problem solved.
We joined the library and signed up for summer reading!  It was fun to explore a new library and when we walked in Lincoln saw the literacy computers for kids and asked, "Hey mom, can you hold my rolly polly's so I can play on the computers?"  No, son, take them back outside please.  Ah, the things you never thought you'd hear yourself say!
 We created a few masterpieces.  It was noon and we'd been to the pool.  Both kids came home and put on pajamas.  I was too tired to care.
 We joined the YMCA.  It felt good to be back in them gym on Wednesday.  It didn't feel so good on Thursday or Friday when I was too sore to walk around straight.  I'm going to take another crack at it next week and hope to fall back into the rhythm and maybe even make a few more friends.
 The new Y is pretty cool.  The child area had this awesome rock climbing wall that they can climb on!  It also has a great pool similar to the waterpark one.
 Lincoln was happy enough to be here, he just didn't want me making his photo.  It's tough to look this cute with a mad face yet he manages it!
 I had THIS.  It's a deep fried avocado stuffed with chicken and cheese.  This was NOT the first time we've consumed mexican since we've been here.  It wasn't the second either.  You just can't beat the mexican food here.  That's right, I said fried avocado, cheese and chicken.  Please and Thank you!
 We found the mother of all plant nurseries.  We sweated BUCKETS while we were there looking at all the incredible plants.  Jason and I have plant hoarding tendencies.  We both love outdoor living space and these plants made my day!  Things seem to grow well here in this ultimate humidity.  You'd think we were done with these but we are going back monday to pick up a few more we still need.  It's gonna be beautiful, just you wait and see!
 Even the cat and dog seem to love it here.  There's so much space in the house, no one has to share.  Well, we still share.  The cat takes possession of whatever he wants.  That's how he rolls.

 We find things that have been LONG gone.  Lincoln came downstairs and said "Look mom, I found my old paci, now I can be your baby again!"  He loves to "play baby" and this just made it that much more fun.
 There are over 200 miles of bike and hiking trails in the neighborhood where we live.  We didn't make it quite that far but we did ride to the park and back.  It was hot and whiny but we made it.
There's so much more to see and do here.  We haven't even made it into Houston yet.  We are about 30 miles North of the city.  We are loving our little suburb!  It's child centered, family friendly and close to everything!  I mean, trader Joe's is 3.9 miles AND they sell wine.
I have a good feeling I'm going to like this place!
Stay tuned for house photos coming up.

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