Monday, June 3, 2013

Can he stay FOUR forever?

Lincoln has been counting down to May 26 for a year now.  He might not know how old he was(three fingers are hard to hold up) but he's known when his birthday is for a LONG time!  We went through many a birthday themes before deciding on Sharks and Batman.  We had a small family gathering.  Cake, shaved ice and homemade ice cream plus the birthday song and trick candles made him the happiest 4 year old on the block!  

Lincoln is SUCH a charmer.  
He has an uncanny ability to make everyone fall in love with him.  He is highly opinionated and is a terrible loser.  He has no shame in asking you to let him "win" at everything from putting on your seatbelt faster to pulling up your pants!  He's competitive but only when he's winning.  He has a keen sense of smell.  There isn't a day that goes by without him saying "I smell somefing!?"  In the event that it is a skunk he smells, he'll announce that it is a "Stunk"  Appropriate.  Skunk+stinks= Stunk.  When he's decided in his mind that he doesn't want to talk at the moment, he will suddenly claim "I'm shy" when he hasn't been shy a day in his life.  He's always been a bit clumsy and this surely hasn't changed.  He's always scraped and bruised but tough as nails.  He's also as stubborn as a mule.  Lincoln is in full on refusal for learning.  He thinks learning is "BORING"!  His favorite phrase is "it's TOO HARD!"  This has something to do with his school aged brother and 1st grade homework.  I've been working on letters and he claims to not know what they are but give him a "game" on my phone and he gets the right letters 99% of the time.  
Lincoln is loyal.  And by loyal I mean he has ONE friend/love at a time.  It used to always be me.  For the first 2-3 years, it was definitely me but times have changed and I usually get the boot.  Lately his daddy is his one and only unless Nana is around. Then she's the cat's meow and everyone else is dirt.  When you are in his good graces, you get snuggles, hugs, and best friendship.  When you are not, you get mean looks and eye rolls.  If you're not careful, you'll get your feelings hurt.  I know.  
He can dish it out but he can't take it.  He does funny things to his brother and you can laugh but when you try the same thing on him, he'll loudly protest, "Stop LAUGHING at me, it's not funny!"  Oh and heaven forbid you retell something funny he did.  He'll stop you at the bit.  He won't tolerate anyone talking about him.  
He has that innocent way of confessing when's he's done something he knows he shouldn't.  Last week he came to me bowing and shaking his head saying, "I've done a terrible 'ting." 
No matter what he's done, he is usually sorry and somehow gets away with it.  Charmer, I tell you!

There's been a lot of change in this baby's 4 years of life.  Born in Alabama while his father was deployed and met him at  4 months old.  Moved from NC to TN at 2 then from TN to TX at 4.  He won't remember those places but I will always remember them with him.  From my crybaby to Mr. Independent. 
 He's come a long way, baby!
Lincoln, we love you more than you know and I hope ALL of your dreams and wishes come true! 

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be."

 My 1st cousin Ben and Lincoln share a birthday.  He wasn't keen on sharing his day with anyone.  Luckily, Ben didn't mind taking a back seat!

 This is Lincoln's 1st birthday party.  It pretty much sums up who he is.  Then and now.  It's HIS party, he can cry if he wants to!

Classic Lincoln.  Today's not MY day to be on his good side.  Tomorrow's not looking too good either!

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