Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top 10 things I'll miss the most about Nashville

It has a way of going by remarkably slow in the worst of times.  
I would know, I lived through three deployments without this guy!
But it also had the uncanny ability to speed up and fly by during the best times of your life.  
Think about it.  How many people wish their children would grow up more quickly?  Never!
I knew our time here in Nashville would go by quickly but the more we loved it the more quickly it flew.  I can't be sad for what our future holds.  In more ways than one it's exactly what we always wanted.  Jason said when we moved to Nashville, "You're gonna LOVE it there.  Don't get used to it".  
He was so right.  

It seems like just yesterday I was writing the blogs concerning What I'll miss the most about North Carolina and even some of the thing I wouldn't miss about there.  
Let it be known, there is nothing about Nashville that would make a list of things I won't miss.  Everyone loves Nashville.  Now without further procrastination as the boxes are piling up around me, these are the things about Nashville I'll miss the most.

10.  Seasons.  Tennessee  has FOUR season.  Sometimes they are more pronounced than others but each of them are present for a time every year.  Snow is not an impossibility but it won’t be present for long.  Spring brings appropriate rain and sometimes ruins your outdoor activities but it’s still there.  Summer is long and adequately hot enough to leave you running for the nearest pool and Fall…oh dear, what an amazing place to live in the glorious months of September, October and November.  The leaves in the Nashville area are simply breath taking! 

9.  SEC Football.  Sure A&M joined the SEC and that’s great and all but  we are not Aggies and they don’t hold a candle to our Alabama and Auburn teams.  I mean we dominate the National Championship circuit.  I’ll miss the ability to frequent games with Aunt Linda and Uncle Ron.  There’s just nothing like the feel of an SEC stadium, cheering or jeering with 100,000 friends (or sometimes enemies!)

8.  My ultra committed running partner.  Steph and I have ran many many miles together over the last 2 years.  A self-professed non-morning person, she’s gotten up to run every Tuesday and Thursday possible .  Sometimes we do 3 miles or occasionally we strtch it out and make it 5 but we were committed.  Not to mention, it was some great time to chat.  We worked though all kinds of issues and personal problems all with the pavement under our feet.  I’m going to miss her each and every mile and I can only hope to find a running partner that will be as committed to me as she was.  Thanks Steph!  I’ll miss you tons!

7.  Distance to Alabama.  It’s 2 hours to my mama.  I’ve never lived this close to our homes and we knew this part wouldn’t last forever.  We knew when moved here we’d never want to leave but we’d likely have to.  That has made no difference in the empty feeling when I think of the boys not being able to see their grandparents as often not to mention us using them as free babysitters on call.  They have helped us so much these last two years.  We have a very close family and fun is all of us being together.  Regardless, we’ll be keeping the airlines in business  beginning next month!  I love that they already have a trip booked.  LOVE them!

6.  Crosspoint Community church.  We did just a tiny bit of church searching when we decided on Crosspoint.  Our kids went the first time and came out saying, “this is the best church EVER!”  If that didn't make our decision, it was also 2 minutes from our house so we could nearly get there on time!  But we stayed because of the amazing truths preached from there each week! Their motto is "preach the word, love the people!"   I always leave feeling inspired and bursting with the Love of Christ.  Here’s hoping I find a church that aligns with the principles of Crosspoint in Texas.    It’s the place where “Everyone’s Welcome, Nobody’s perfect and Anything’s Possible”


5.  Ah, the food in Nashville.  Jason and I are total foodies and this place has been pure heaven for us.  We started a bit of a bucket list when we arrived and have nearly checked off each one.  Now, that’s not to say anything about the food where we are moving because it will be giving Nashville a run for it’s money but the local eateries in Nashville will be sorely missed!  Some of my favorites include Tavern, Burger Up, Cabana, Suzy Wong’s House of Yum and  Loveless Café .  Houston has some big shoes to fill.  Here’s hoping that doesn't lead to bigger pants!

4.  The VIEW.  The Nashville skyline is iconic and so incredibly beautiful.  It’s like living in a big city in a small town.  Of course we all love the “batman building” but it’s such a walkable downtown area too!  I know for sure, the skyline of Houston, while much bigger won’t come close to the beauty of this city. 

3.  It’s NO secret  that I LOVE my YMCA.  I’m going to miss that place like crazy.  It was Lincoln’s “pre-school” and my 2 hours of sanity at least twice a week.  I was so happy to join there when we found out what a great facility it was. Our kids have enjoyed the amazing indoor pool as much as I loved the classes they offered.  Best of all was having a plethora of friends  always willing to meet you there!

2.  Vandy Friends.  I never knew that grad school would be such a great transition out of the military.  I worried we’d be the oldest folks in school and we had KIDS and would be the only ones.  I was mostly right and that didn’t matter a bit!  We made some great friends at Owen and there was no designation about who was the student.  We were enrolled there as a family and that’s how they befriended us!  I can’t say enough good things about the school or the people associated with Vanderbilt.  I was initially hesitant about Jason making “girl” friends but in the end they turned out to be as much my friends as his and I’m glad to be carrying their friendship on with me.  Some will be IN Houston while others will just have to visit but either way, this is NOT goodbye!

1.  This last one is even hard to write about.  I’ve said goodbye many times before but it NEVER gets easier.  The girls here took me into their circle and I felt like I’d always been a part of them.  Friendships like theirs are formed over a lifetime and I’m so glad to call them mine.  We shared every mommy woe, sicknesses, many a birth and celebrations. THIS...this is what I'll miss the MOST!  
LOVE you girls!

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