Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's Been Going On?

It's again been far too long since a blog post.  Isn't it something, that third child already causing problems and she hasn't even made her big debut yet!  Well, she's causing plenty of exhaustion so we'll let that be the excuse this time.  

Fall Ball.  Both boys played fall ball this year.  It was a great way to ease them into the "Little League" of Texas.  It's no "Little" deal around here.  There are more camps, schools and leagues than you can imagine and the competition even for rec league is fierce.  We are already a little behind, these kids have been playing together for years but we breed quick learners and we threw them right into the mix.  Fall ball is the month of October.  The ENTIRE month.  With 2 kids in ball each having 1 practice and 2 games a week, it felt like the only days we didn't do baseball was Sunday.  Jackson started out a little slow. He had to warm up to the kids and the coach.  His Dad and I had a little "team player" talk with him and he decided to step up to the plate (literally) and play catcher.  Turns out he wasn't half bad and playing that role gave him more batting confidence as well.  Lincoln played T-ball for the first time.  He had some good days and some days he couldn't stay foucused on a thing.  I guess that has something to do with being 4.  He's a killer athlete when he is engaged.  I think he needs more of a challenge than a ball sitting on a stick.  He also needs a little practice and a better understanding.  We are undecided on the Spring season.  I don't know how easy it will be for me to get everyone where they need to be with the baby.  I told Jackson if he really commits, I'd sign just him up and maybe we could carpool with someone nearby by then.  Time will tell.  It was a good season and great experience and exposure for both boys.

We made a "quick" 4 hour trip up to Dallas for a "networking" event for Vanderbilt.  We stayed with a friend of Jasons who also had a son the boys age.  On the way up I-45 we didn't miss the opportunity to introduce the boys to Buc-ees.  Now if you are from Texas, this is not news to you but if you are not then you are in for a treat.  For you Alabama folks, it's like Peach Park on the way to the beach.  You don't just drive past Buc-ees.  You HAVE to stop.  You also HAVE to go in and purchase mass amounts of junk food.  It's a right of passage.  As with everything else in Texas, it's possibly the world's largest gas station.  We are talking Wal-mart of gas stations.  They have everything.  Our favorites include the endless soda fountain and GIANT cups, the entire meat case of fresh beef jerky, a expansive deli of sandwiches and salads oh! and burritos.  (as with every gas station in Texas!).  They also have a whole case of house made fudge that will make you slap your momma (not you, mom!).  They boys loved the giant beaver in the store and all the treats we walked out with.  So, next time you're in Texas.  Look for the Buc-ees.  You can't miss it.  Really.

Lincoln asked me for a few days to remove the training wheels from his bike.  I had not worked with him and I knew Jason had not had much time to either.  I was willing to try but didn't know how to remove the wheels.  For several days I put him off saying, "your daddy will do it." On the way home from school one day he asked me again and I said sure, I'll try to find the tools to do it.  I found some tools that would get the job done and went to work.  I handed him the freed bike and began to move the wheels out of the way so he could ride and as I looked up, I see him pedaling off.  He isn't wobbling, he didn't need a push or me to hold onto the back.  Nothing.  I could hardly believe it.  The neighbors were also out and were just as shocked to see him take off like that.   Safe to say Lincoln was ready to ride.  So ready actually that he's already moved up to the big boy bike, the one Jackson just finished riding.  That boy is fearless.  I'll prove it sometime soon by videoing him propelling off the bike ramp!

The boys have joined rooms in preparation for their little sister.  I picked up some bunk beds in Clear Lake in September.  It's take a while to get their clothes in the same closet.  I might have a problem.  I like clothes! They were (and sometimes still do) sleep in the same bed so bunk beds was the right choice for them.  I picked up this extra dresser from a Craigslist type site around here and transformed it into

With a little Annie Sloan chalk paint and new knobs from Hobby Lobby!  I thought it turned out perfect.  So well that now I"ve committed to painting the crib.  Its coming along rather slowly.  Something about that exhaustion again.  

Halloween at school was "dress like a NERD day".  I think Jackson looks oddly like the kid from Jerry MacGuire.  His hair stayed like this ALL day.  That was some good paste product.  It took a good wash or two to come out!
And Halloween brought both Clark Kent AND superman by my house.  It was Jackson's idea to be Clark Kent.  He said he wanted to wear a tie like Daddy!  Last minute, I decided to paint both their hair black.  They loved it.  It was a HUGE mess in the shower but it was fun to see my toe headed boys with black hair.  We made a loop around the neighborhood and came home with 3 gallons of candy.  I think that should do us until next year.
Last but not least.  Jackson was recently Baptized at our church here in The Woodlands.  We had been discussing it for a while but wanted to find a home church after our move.  They have a great heated pool area outside and after taking a class to ensure he understood his decision, we spent the afternoon celebrating with other families that had also been baptized.  It was such a great feeling to see your own child following Christ in the act of baptism and knowing it was a symbol of his life, death and resurrection.  It easily tops the list of best days of my life!  

And that's What's been going on....around here!

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