Monday, October 21, 2013

Brother Lincoln

Its possible Lincoln may have a future in the clergy.  He was reading the new testament to me before baseball last week and I just HAD to get it on video.  It's a total of 5 minutes but it's probably worth your time in laughter.  In Lincoln's version of the Bible, he speaks of mommy's baby popping out and Alvin and the Chipmunks also make a debut.  He frequently uses the chapter and verse May 26 (which is his birthday).  He also speaks of Gods Holy Word which is correct but also quite "catholic" for our church.  We usually don't use such liturgical language.  I tried to figure out where it came from but my dad was the one who recognized his monotone verse as part of the pledge to the bible which he has learned in preschool.  There's more of this that he has obviously learned in preschool, such as "joy, joy, joy" song.  We are so happy with his church preschool and all he is learning!  It's worth every penny.  And this video.  Well, to us, its simply priceless!  I hope you agree!

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