Thursday, February 6, 2014

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Ok, there was never enough snow for a snowman. 
I hesitate to even call it "snow".  Its been more like ice pellets than snow but any type of freezing precipitation has come as a surprise to us.
We moved here expecting to keep our flip flops out all winter.  In fact, I was promised it and I'm asking for my money back! Ha!  It's not been nearly as warm as I had expected.  

We moved here and I broke the news to Jackson that he'd never have another snow day again.  

Mama lied. 

 I was wrong, he's had not one but TWO snow days since living here.  The funny thing is walking into the back yard is nearly as close as walking into school so it seems funny for him not to go but I know there are others it might be more dangerous for.  I mean just look at that frozen precip!  

 It's always fun to see what freezes on the trampoline because it collects there first.  The first now day didn't amount to as much as the second.  It did however, require them to go outside without coats and in their pajamas (which included shorts) to check out the "snow".  It didn't last long but that's a Texas boy for you.  Shorts, rain boots and a little frozen romp on the trampoline.

 The second day had a little more "snow" and did facilitate more layers of clothing but not much more white stuff to toss about outside of the confines of the trampoline.  I guess the boys enjoyed the days at home.  I know we all enjoyed Jason being off the hook for making the drive downtown and working from home for the day.  It probably won't be nearly as fun for Jackson when Lincoln and I spend June 5th at the pool while he finishes up class this summer though.  I think everyone is about ready to hang up the winter coats for some warmer, flip flop weather.

 Come on Texas.  I was promised MILD winters in exchange for the 110 temps by early June.  I need you to deliver!

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