Friday, February 28, 2014

Pink-in' up the Girl's Room!

 I've never had a true "nursery" to bring a baby home to.  I mentioned before that we were in transition when BOTH boys were born so their homecoming was a pack n play in my old bedroom in Alabama.  This nursery was in my dreams and on my pinterest board long before she was ever conceived.  We didn't waste any time putting the boys in bunk beds after we found out a girl would be joinging the ranks.  They needed them since they insisted on sleeping in ONE twin bed.  Funny thing is, now that they have bunk beds, they still sleep on the same bunk together.  Oh, well, we tried.  I chose the bedding pretty quickly and then looked to see if I liked anything better.  I always came back to this one print so I knew it was the one.  I contacted a Lady about custom making it.  She was located in Nashville.  About 2 miles from where we used to live in Nashville actually.  It was fate!  I got the bed on craigslist and Daddy got the task of painting it over Christmas.  It wasn't all easy painting.  It's a good thing he's patient.

 The chair is also a total craigslist score.  I had been looking for ages to find the perfect chair.  This one was a ways away but I couldn't be happier with it.  Ikea helped with the drapery, twin bedding and the new lighting.  It was rewired also compliments of Daddy.  I don't make easy tasks for him.  We got the vintage dresser from a lady who repaints furniture and we both LOVE it.  I had looked for a while for it and considered repainting something myself.  I'm so glad I didn't try to undertake that!  I had several of the frames already in the garage waiting for the perfect home and the white trunk was a garage sale find that was destined for the living room until it was re-routed to the girls room.

 I would spend the afternoons lately getting everything just perfect in her room.  From hanging her clothes to arranging changing table, I loved getting ready for her.
Jason would come home from work and I'd hear him ask the boys, "Where's your mom?  Is she upstairs pink-in' up the girls room again?"
Yes, yes, I was and there is no where else I'd rather be!  

 The m&m's are pink, my nails are pink, there are hairbows arriving in the mail on a weekly basis.  We have even started using pink dish soap!  I'd say we (ok, I) are ready to form Team Pink and finally meet baby Lillian!

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