Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just call me Cruella Deville

I mentioned we just returned from a 3 week trip to Alabama.  That trip included nothing but fun, fun, chocolate milk and more FUN.  All rules were out the window, bedtimes were non-existent, candy was eaten for breakfast, popsicles for lunch and one green bean counts as "eating your vegetables."  Every wish was granted and there wasn't a single second that went by the boys were not thoroughly entertained.  

Enter: Reality.
We had to come back sometime and for the boys, it was a rude awakening.  It was Monday all day.  They weren't digging the rule following that's required to live here.  They didn't like that there were no "choices" for breakfast.  They didn't like being told of the list of laundry we had to accomplish that day.  Jackson had Science Camp and Lincoln was obligated to go with me to replenish the food supply in the house.  He wasn't used to my, "get in the car, put on your shoes" mantra.  He had gotten used to Nana doing all those things for him...and he liked it that way!  At our second errand for the morning, he was complaining in his usual Lincoln way. 
 He's always saying 
 (ie. You Never let me eat candy for breakfast, or You Never help me find my shoes!)  
He was frustrated because I wasn't concerned with his "YOU NEVER" threats.
  He then told me, 
"Mom, You are the Most NOT funnest Evil Step-mother EVER!"

Oh, really?  
Since when was I anybody's Step-mother??
I wasn't happy at the time but looking back,  I had to laugh a little.  Never been called an evil step-mother before.  I am assuming it will only get worse before it gets better into the teen years. 
 Lord help us all!

Who do you think he was referring to?  Cruella?  Ursula?  Maleficent? Only Lincoln's little temper knows!

We were also making signs this week using spray paint and markers.  I am outside spray painting something and Lincoln comes out and says, "Mmm, actually, that spray paint smells kinda good!"
Help me, Jesus! 
 This boy.
Then moments later I'm writing with sharpie marker and he says, "Mom, that, um, pregnant marker smells kinda good too!"  (permanent marker)
Oh, no!  
Not only is he a mischievous little name caller, he's going to be a paint sniffer too?!? 
Hide yo markers, Hide yo chemicals.  Lock up your daughters.  
I'm fully expecting a note home from Kindergarten.

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