Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lincoln Lately

There's hardly a dull moment with this boy around.  He's cunning and terrible but I've yet to meet a soul that doesn't love him to pieces. He's always got something wise to say.  He speaks truth, he knows no other way.  He has more quirks that you can number but it's apparently part of his charm.  A few of his "Lincolnisms" lately:

Driving to the YMCA he tells us "Just thinking about that makes me smile!"
"Oh, what makes you smile, Lincoln?"
"I'm just thinking about my snake birthday party and it makes me smile!"
*money well spent*

*Redneck alert*  Last month we went out on the boat with my Aunt.  We were all jumping in and swimming and Lincoln gets out and approaches the side of the boat.  He's about to pull down his swimsuit and pee off the side of the boat.  I stop him and tell him it's not ok to do that with so many people around.  We all told him that if he needs to go he can just jump in and pee.  He didn't understand.  He says, "You guys!  You're just tricking me to make me pee my pants!"  We (laughed) and told him we weren't, that everyone was doing it and he could too.  He insisted that we were going to laugh at him if he jumped in and peed his pants in the water.  He was NOT going to do it.  We got a good laugh and I can only assume he held it!

Lincoln was asked to say grace at the table.  They usually have a long list of the things and people they are thankful for.  It's not uncommon for someone to make the list twice if they are favored by Lincoln.  The weather/day usually makes the list and sometimes we even thank him for the food!  As Lincoln started his prayer he proceeded to Thank Jesus for Electronics, like the TV and his Nintendo DS along with the Kindle.  I guess we should really all be more like him.  Those are the important things to him and he didn't forget to Thank God for them!  Too bad I have to hide them from them to get them to do other things.  Next he'll be praying for Jesus to help him find his DS that mom hid!

Lincoln woke up this morning and told us that he had a dream.  It was about a girl.  He bought her a white dress and he married her! He said there were rings.   He also told us she was 18 and he was 15!  This is not the first premonition Lincoln has had about weddings.  I've heard we all have recurring dreams and obviously Lincoln's include a wedding.

*gross I have BOYS alert*
We were at the table, yes the table and Jason chastises Jackson about something on his shirt.  He said "Don't wipe boogers on your shirt Jackson!"  Jackson says, "It's not boogers, I don't wipe boogers on my shirt!"  To get out of the hot seat, Jackson thinks fast and says, "Lincoln told me he wipes boogers on the seat in the car!"  Lincoln looks like a deer in headlights and says, "Not in your NEW car, it was in your old one!"
Oh, good.  At least it wasn't the new car!  Gah!

"You see, Sometimes when you least expect it... Love finds you!"

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