Sunday, October 26, 2014

Half a YEAR!

This perfect little angel has completed our family in more ways than we even thought.  She's been the BEST baby!  Half a year has passed since she joined this family in a hurry one evening.  Its true, the older you get the faster it goes.  It's going by so quickly it doesn't even seem fair.  I would wake up every night for the next 2 years if time would just slow down.  This little girl already has a very special place in my heart.  I had wanted a little buddy of my own and I got the girliest one on the block!  We play dress up, we paint our nails, we go shopping and we look at pretty jewelry.  Her and her brothers are everything I ever wanted.  My heart is overflowing!

At month 1 she was still sleeping lots, she smiled often although it wasn't necessarily on purpose.  She was waking in the night often and *might* have slept with mom and dad a few times. Jason and I had never let either of the boys sleep with us.  We both decided that she wouldn't still sleep with us when she went to college...and if she did...EVEN BETTER!!   She fell hard for our ceiling fan towards the end of month one. Their relationship lasted on into month 2.  I still spent every day of this month saying "I can't believe she's mine!"  I sometimes still do!

Month 2 her smiles were earned.  They were given pretty freely to anyone that tried though!  She still loved the ceiling fan and she started sleeping on her tummy which made sleep much easier.  She was still waking at night but once we found a rhythm it was a quick meal and back to sleep.  

Things really get fun when everything is funny!  At 3 months, she gained her happy little personality and she really shined!  She didn't bother sleeping through the night yet but we weren't complaining either.  It was starting to get warm (HOT) outside and the boys were about to be home a lot more often!  

Month 4 took us on our second plane trip (well traveled baby)!  We flew to Alabama to visit Nana and Pawpaw and spend a few days in Nashville and Birmingham.  We also gained our new minivan which made the return trip tolerable.  This sweet face drove for 2 days straight without much of a fuss at all.  We couldn't have asked for her to be better!  

Yes, she's as dainty as she looks!  At 5 months she still only weighed 11lbs.  She crosses her tiny little ankles and holds out her tiny fingers.  She's a dainty little priss and I wouldn't have it any other way.  We play dress up most days at least once.  She's the reason there is NO memory on my cell phone.  Dressing her is probably even MORE fun that I thought it would be!  

This was a big month for Lil, At 6 months, she graduated to her own bed.  She also got her first dose of tough love as we decided to address her night time snack.  We did some CIO and wouldn't you know within 2 days she had figured out nobody was coming and she went back to sleep.  She's slept all night every night since too!  She loves her mama and of course she LOVES jewelry.  Her eyes light up when she sees my necklaces on!  She also loves her brothers and kicks her little feet when she sees them.  She's starting to get up onto her hands and knees at playtime.  She'll be crawling before we know it.  I don't know that I'm ready for that.  I know the house and the legos upstairs are not!  She started eating solids too.  It took a few tries to get her used to them and she wasn't into the grains but she was a fan of fruits and veggies and hasn't found one she doesn't like yet.  I try to make most of her foods and with this handy pouch filler I can make the pouches and take them along with us.  That's imperative since half of her meals are consumed on the go (ball field, swimming lessons, errands, etc).


She's just perfect and it's like she knows it because she just smiles and leans into you. 

She completes us.  
And she had us at Hello!

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