Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lover, Lover

Lincoln is in Kindergarten.  He's also quite the cassanova.  He had a girlfriend starting last year in preschool but has since moved on from her and is onto a new LOVE.
Lily is Lincoln's girlfriend.  She's a girl in his class and I don't even know which one she is.  Lincoln is a very thoughtful boyfriend.  He thinks of Lily morning, noon and night.  He draws her pictures nearly every single day. He want to buy her things.  He wants to invite her over for play dates.
Recently, Jason went up to tell the boys goodbye early in the AM and Lincoln tells him first thing..."I had a really, really good dream!"  Jason asked what it was about and Lincoln says, "It was about Lily and I kissed her!"  Jason immediately said that he might be a little too young for that.
He told me the same thing as soon as he woke up for the day.  He earns chick-fil-a cards for good behavior in school.  He's been earning one for Jackson's meal and one for his dads meal.  I thought I was next but nope.  He had to earn one so he could take Lily to chick-fil-a on a date!  I had began to wonder if she reciprocated his affection and as of today, it seems she does.  He came home with a little baggie.  In it was a love letter from Lily and 41 cents in coins.  Awesome.  She's now giving him money.  I believe that's a whole different level of "boyfriend".  I might need to have a little consult with Lily's mom.  I just keep hoping I'm raising a stellar husband for my future daughter in law one day.  I'm at least raising a kid that knows how to put away the dishes so that's something!

As an update to this blog written several weeks ago...A few days ago Lincoln came home and told he he'd had a really bad day.  I asked him why on earth he'd had a bad day at school he said he was afraid Lily didn't like him anymore and she wouldn't play with him.  I told him maybe she wanted to play with her girl friends that day and made sure that he had asked her and not misinterpreted what she'd said.  I said what did Lily say that made you think that Lincoln? He tells me she said "LEAVE ME ALONE!"  Ok,  well, she made that pretty clear.  I suggested he play with his boy friends on the playground instead.  The next day, all was back to normal in Kinder paradise so it was a temporary altercation.

Ahhh, and these are the days of our lives...

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