Sunday, March 8, 2015

My crew at the Zoo

 Weren't they JUST out of school for Christmas?  ;)  
Martin Luther King day comes far too quickly after Christmas break in my opinion!  What is there to do in January when it's normally 20 degrees outside.  Well, if you live in Houston, it's more like 55 degrees and you go to the Zoo!  It's one of the few months that the zoo IS at a tolerable temperature and all the animals seem pretty happy with their assigned location.  Trust me, we've been to the Houston Zoo in July and August.  And it's either sad or just non-existent!  So we packed up our lunch and went to the zoo, along with half of the daycares and ymcas in the area.  It was crowded but luckily it's a big zoo and my kids have been so frequently, they know what they want to see and what can be skipped!  This was the first trip that Lillian has cared about the zoo, and I say care loosely.  She rode in the stroller and mostly watched her brothers run around and act similar to the chimpanzees at every attraction.  She's lucky I agreed to bring them back home with us.  They would have been perfectly fine suited among the chimps and the baboons but she would probably miss them!

And here is your proof!

I let them dress themselves AND didn't fix their hair.  GASP!  Sometimes this mom of 3 gig can be really overwhelming!  Elsa said "Let it go!"  So I did.  Sometimes.

This little baby was getting friendly with the crowd.  There's just something cute about a giant baby!

When we left the zoo we took the long way around and took a stroll through Herman Park.  There were tons of kids rolling down the HUGE hill and mine couldn't be outdone so I said go for it!  

It WAS MLK day so visited the new area of Herman Park that had just opened and paid our tribute to the King.  Not the Elvis King, the other King.  

There was a cool mountain that we can walk around and around to get to the top of the hill.  It was cool to get up there and see all the people below.  It is somewhere we will love going again! (when it's less crowded)!

These boys LOVE their sister!

It was a fun day and Lincoln must have thought so also.  He wrote this in his Journal for Kinder this past week.  I love how he drew the hill!

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