Friday, March 13, 2015

My Sunny Valentine!

One of my new years resolutions was to try to spend time with each child separately.  It's easy to lump the boys together since they are close in age and like all the same things but I see how much they thrive when we are able to sneak a few moments away and I can focus on just one of them.  I know it's important to them and their self esteem too.  So I planned a Valentines day date for just me and Jackson!  He had a birthday party at Top Golf and it was our first visit there.  We were both pretty excited and impressed with the place.  It's HUGE!  

It wasn't crowded yet and the little boys had such a good time swinging the clubs.  They didn't have any intention of keeping score, it was more fun to hit as many balls as possible in a short time.  

Top Golf is a 3 story golf course/driving range that has dart board and bowling similarities.  Each ball has a chip in it and it would keep your score if you wanted.  The idea is to hit certain targets or in the boys case, just hit the ball as far as possible and if you can, hit they guy in the guarded golf cart as he drives around picking up the balls.  

The "bays" where you sit and wait your turn are nice, plush and heated too!  So you don't worry about getting cold, hungry or thirsty as there are plenty of waiters at your service.  

Next, we went to Old Navy.  We both bought new sunnies.  The cool reflective ones.  Then we went and pursued the shoe store before heading over to our lunch reservation.

We had lunch reservations for Bucca di Beppo for their heart shaped lasagna dinner.  It's Jackson's favorite food and he loves Bucca  di Beppo.  

It was possibly a little bigger than either of us imagined.  It easily fed us 3-4 meals.  

I really enjoyed his company and getting to teach him how to properly go on a date.  All too soon, he'll be dating someone else and I want to know he's doing it with the utmost respect.  My dreams for him are far and wide but a Godly man and a good husband are at the top of my lists!  

Holy Cannoli!  He's one smart, good looking kid!  I can hardly believe he's almost as tall as me! 
He will forever be my baby boy!

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