Sunday, March 29, 2015

Close Enough to Perfect for Me!

THIS little thing was quickly approaching 1 year!  I won't lie, the party extravaganza planning had been going on ever since the Christmas Tree hit the attic.  You can't expect any less, I'll never throw another first birthday party every again!  It had to be one she (um, well, at least I) would never forget.  The next thing on the glittery sparkling party planning agenda was to design her invitation.  They were of course personalized and a photoshoot was in order.  
Do you have any idea how HARD it is to entertain AND take photos of a crawler?  It wasn't warm yet either.  She was shivering in the name of beautiful pictures!  

She was lovin on the props!  She took to "baby" and just hugged on it.  It was precious.  I loved how her little mommy instincts are seemingly born in.  We haven't really played "babies" much but she knew just what to do with that one!  

Like her momma, she knows her way around a jewelry box and she was enamoured by this necklace!  

I didn't do THIS all on my own.  I don't know if you are aware but she has likely one of the worlds BEST big brothers!  Jackson was so helful in making Lillian laugh and smile for the photos.  I feel like he could be my paid assistant.  Lucky for me, I can pay him in ice cream!  

This wardrobe change was NOT on her agenda.  She  missed the memo that this was her party dress.  Or maybe she got it and thought, "its MY party, I can cry if I want to!"

Its still seemingly impossible that this little beauty is already turning 1.  We can't imagine life without this little ray of sunshine!  She pretty close to perfect from her baby blue eyes to her pretty pink toes!  (Birthday Party blog to follow too!)

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