Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Mother of all First Birthday Parties!

In the planning stages for MONTHS, an entire pinterest board dedicated to it, and permanent glitter reserves in the cracks of my hardwoods.  These are a few of the things that made up Lillian's First Birthday Extravaganza!  It's taken as long to plan and it has to get it up on the blog!  The event was epic, the decorations for a time took over the entire dinning room area.  Good thing we don't use that room of the house anyhow!  With Family traveling from 3 states, we had to live up to high expectations.  I think we did just that!  We started with her dress.  I saw this dress mid summer of last year and started then lobbying for getting her this dress.  When it finally came together, I knew it was perfect!  My delicate little sweet southern magnolia!  Mint and pink/blush became the theme of the party.  Because all good parties have a theme and for as long as I'm planning, it WILL NOT be Elmo themed.  No offence to the adorable Sesame Street character. 

If this place setting isn't fit for a princess, I don't know what is!  This was simply the "cakes/desserts" table!  I know, I know. Overboard!  

Back story:  It's hard to see it here but this tablecloth is VERY special!  This is the table cloth used for my brides cake at MY wedding!  I showed mom a picture from a Southern Living Bridal magazine of a table and we replicated it right down to the crystals hanging on the hem.  We used blush colored satin for the underlay and used a fancy shower curtain, yes shower curtain for the topper.  It has served at many showers, weddings and now one VERY special 1st Birthday party!

Cake wasn't all that was served.  We had a feast for all our friends and family that helped us celebrate!  We had delicious salad, chicken fingers, pb&j and cheese puffs for everyone!

This curtain.  I found it on etsy.  It was in the $80-90 range and I was POSITIVE I could make it better and cheaper.  Well, $60-70 later, I have declared that Lillian will be using this same curtain for a backdrop at her SENIOR PROM!  It was beautiful but the work hours I put into it, I'm afraid weren't fully appreciated!  Little tip though, I had the hardest time matching the exact shade of mint for the ribbon.  On a last ditch effort, my friend Emily and I were persuing the Goodwill in Montrose and we happened upon a vintage bedsheet with the perfect coloring.  At $1.50, it was the least expensive item for the party but it made a BIG impact!  Vintage bedsheet turned ribbon backdrop!  Who knew?


This printed board still hangs in my kitchen!  I just LOVE it and all the things she loves.  

We can hardly believe she completed our family over a year ago!   She's perfectly girly, giggly and prissy as can be.  Just what I always wanted!

It's my little mini me!  
Technically, she looks more like her daddy with her sparkling blue eyes.

She has two spectacular brothers that adore her.  They love to come home from school and run into her arms.  I already know, boys in her life have some BIG shoes to fill!

How perfect!  My sweet little Magnolia Flower!

If you're thinking, "that cake looks good!"  Then you are SO right!  It was delicious raspberry cream cheese icing and it was amazing!  

The birthday girl liked the sugar and all the attention she got while eating it.  Not sure which she liked better!

You can always leave it to Ms. Marie to give her "the good stuff!" 
 We are so lucky Lillian is loved by so many!

She can blow kissses with the best of them!  It's something we do EVERY day when the boys leave for school.  

My sweet little princess with her crown made by Nana!  

Doesn't every EPIC party require a wardrobe change or two?  We had a whole new dress for the gifts and goodbyes! 

The famed backdrop curtain.  You'll be seeing it again.  Every year until college!

The party was nothing short of perfect!  It was a party she will never remember but one I will never forget.  She will always be reminded of how many loved her enough to celebrate her 1st birthday with her!  I have dreamed my whole life of throwing girly parties and this is only the beginning.  
Happy Birthday Sweet Lillian!

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