Monday, August 3, 2015

My first Tea Party!

All my life I’ve dreamed of tea parties.  It’s another childhood fantasy of mine.  Little cookies/cakes, cups filled with pretend tea and pinkies held out to the side in royal fashion.  It’s no secret that I’d always wanted a girl and tea parties just go along with the territory.  Not that Lincoln isn’t confident enough to have a tea party as a boy, he has always enjoyed a “picnic” as we described it so as to not make it too girly.  Snacks and making a mess are Lincoln’s forte!  So Lillian got a sweet tea set for her birthday and we broke it out for a balcony tea party while Jackson was at camp.  Our neighbor Julia was invited and we had goldfish, graham crackers and yogurt raisins.  The water was extra delicious!  We then decided to set up a barista station with a pretend coffee maker.  We figured out along with the sounds it made, it also flowed “coffee” when you poured water in the top!  Lincoln and Julia had a grand time playing “Starbucks” while Lillian made out like a Mad Hatter at the tea party going around and eating off everyone’s plate while pouring out their water.  It was a beautiful mess and I enjoyed every minute!  It won’t be the last tea party I attend with my sweet Lillian!

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