Monday, August 3, 2015

Sister, Sister

The Moornings Finally made it to Texas!  It was a long 2 years a coming but they got here with a BANG! (long story, later)

Not many restaurants welcome the "party of 8, 3 highchairs" but we managed to make the most of every day!

We took Aunt Tracie to play at top golf when we got the littles down for the night!  

We made a huge mess at the Children's Museum.  Water, Rice and produce, Oh my!

Then there was this.  It was only 100 degrees and we were making our way to the taco stand when we were rear ended by a young guy.  He was so afraid.  Wouldn't you be if you'd hit a lady with 5 kids in the van?!  It turned out ok, the peeps walked to the splash pad while we took care of business.  Luckily we were in the woodlands, you can walk anywhere!

Tracie and I snuck away to the mall for some retail therapy.  We are still not sure what this guy was doing at the MAC counter but he def drew some attention.  Guess that was the point!

We all got to end the Football season out for the boys.  It was a HOT HOT saturday.  I'm glad they got to watch them play but we were all glad to see it come to an end for the summer!

We took the fam to our favorite neighborhood pool.  You'd think the pool with the slides, lazy river and bucket dump would be the biggest hit but no, the turtles in the pond drew a bigger crowd!

And last but not least, we tried out the magic water balloons!  It works!  You can fill 40 balloons at the same time and it's WAY better than tying those suckers!  

Everyone got in on the water balloon fun!

These sweet cousins are precious!  I love little girls and how delicate they are. 
 Reminds me of another two little girls just a few years ago!!

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