Monday, August 3, 2015

The Pick-up Pool

The great thing about being a parent is that you can put all of your childhood fantasies to play in the cover of your children.  I’m pretty sure that’s where the weekend idea to build a pool in the back of the pick up truck came from.  I KNOW you’ve all seen the pinterest pictures of using a tarp to make a makeshift “pool”.  Well, it’s a hot Saturday in Houston when I break out the tarp and Jason goes along with my idea to turn his truck into a pool for the neighborhood kids.  

We tied it down and fill ‘er up!  The kids thought it was a riot.  It was even better when the neighbors kids show up for a “swim” as well.  It took a surprisingly long time to get it as full as we were comfortable with in the back of Jason’s truck. 

I let Lillian get in while it was filling and she seemed to like it.  Both Jason and I gave it a good try but that water was straight from the hose and it was COLD COLD!  The kids never even noticed!  They played in it all day the next day with the neighbor kids showing up in swim suits and floats well before 10am!  It was almost comical as I joked that 14 pools was obviously not enough to keep our children entertained.  

But seriously, who could resist a pick up pool in the driveway!  Just when you think it couldn’t possibly be any more fun or funnier it happens.  We need to let the water out so that Jason can drive this high class kiddie pool to work the next day.  But he couldn’t let all that water out without a quick spin around the block!  That’s right folks, Jason let 4 kids in the back of this luxury pool while he took them for a drive around the cul de sac.  No not just once, he took them around 3 times before the joyride came to an end.  

Can’t you just see it now, you look out your front door to see 4 kids sloshing around in the back of a pickup of water!  We got some looks from the neighbors for sure but it was great fun and even better video!  

That wasn’t all the fun with that tarp.  Oh no!  You know you’ve always wanted to use dish soap to make a homemade slip and slide.  Well, we did that too.  No shame in our redneckin’!  What are your childhood dreams?  Bring them over to the deFoor house and we’ll see what we can do to make them come to life!


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