Saturday, September 5, 2015

Come on Ride the Train!

We had a 14 hour drive ahead of us but that didn't stop us from making a last minute fun stop to ride the train.  The Houston Area Steamers are life size miniature trains that volunteer train enthusiast host a free rides day once a month.  I saw the ad for the Zube Park in Hockley and looked up how far it was.  Its actually really close to us so we hit the road.  We were working on at least 100 degrees outside and full sun.  We had to wait in a significant line but when we made it on the train, it was all fun and breezes!  Lillian waved to all the people as we left the station and we all enjoyed the scenery around the large park.  The train ride was a little longer than i would have expected which was nice after such a long wait.  We will absolutely go back again.  In the fall.  When the temps go WAY down!  Nothing outside the water is fun in the Texas Summer!

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