Saturday, September 5, 2015

Up the Creek

There is nothing these two love more than "playing in the creek".  They'd choose a slimy mud hole over the pool any day.  I have scoured this place and have only found one or two places to let them be dirty boys in.  Luckily one is nearby us at the YMCA.  We hike back into the woods and there is a hole with partially stagnant water and partially running water to play in.  The boys love to take their shoes off and traipse around in the water or the "sinking sand".  The catch any number of critters that they happen upon.  This particular time, they caught fish with their bare hands.  It's the girly girl in me that will never  understand this fascination but I let them be boys and get dirty and play in the creeks.  

In Alabama, the creeks aren't so hard to come by.  This creek is one I played at when I was little even.  It hasn't changed so much.  I can remember the time when I liked walking up the waterfalls and jumping from rock to rock.  Now the critters, that was always outta my league.

I'm just glad they can have fun like this without screens or being entertained.  This is how it should be.  This is how we played and we obviously turned out PERFECT! ;)

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