Monday, September 21, 2015

Heaven looks a lot like Ten Mile

Moms rarely get a weekend all to themselves.  Even more rarely do 12 moms get a break from their 25+ children for an entire weekend.  I won't say it's easy to coordinate but how glorious are the 48 hours we get to spend together without serving little hands and feet around us!  We only had to serve ourselves.  We ate what we wanted and we only had to share if we WANTED to.  We ate meals that were hot, not necessarily nutritious and NOT prepared by us!  We drank adult beverages.  All.  day.  long.  We stayed up late and only woke when things in the kitchen got rowdy with a cup or two of coffee.  The attire was pajamas or swimsuits.  

These are my Nashville girls and even though I haven't lived there for 2 and a half years, I never missed a beat!  I fell back into their circle like I had never left.  That's how you know, it's real!  I was SO happy to join them on their annual girls trip to the lake at Ten Mile.  It made me overwhelmingly happy that I could be with them for 2 whole days, no kids, no husbands no problems.  All the distance between us just faded away.  

We started our weekend with a gourmet meal at Loveless Cafe.  That made both my heart AND my belly happy!  Gah, y'all, there just isn't anything like it anywhere!  It's EPIC and when I lived in Nashville it was only minutes away!  I'm lucky I made it out of Nashville with only a few added pounds! 

If you wonder what we did all weekend we'd be hard pressed to give you an exciting run down.  It consisted of A LOT of sitting on the pier.  And I mean A LOT!  We would get in the water to cool off floating in packs of 2 or 3.  We squealed about fish biting our toes and we even ventured over to jump off the neighbors pier once.  There were photos of it but they are not in my possession.  We also came up with a rowdy obstacle course that everyone was required to participate in.  It included a kids slip and slide and a made up yoga pose of your choice.  There were explicitly NOT photos to be made of that event!  

We watched the sun set every night we were there, all the way until it went below the skyline and the spiders started coming out onto the pier.  We would then squeal our way back to the house and indulge in freshly baked cookies and watch movies from the early 80's!

I got my first taste of Cards Against Humanity and I was shocked but also head over heels for the game.  I came home and bought it for Jason and I to play with neighbors!  

Dinning on the pier happened ALL DAY LONG but hey, it was our party we could eat what we wanted to!

If I could hold onto these moments, these girls, I would not let go!  I love them so and miss them dearly!  I might have only lived in Nashville 2 years but my heart will always go back there!  

Our Epic 12 person selfie, we are pretty sure its a record.  At least it is for us!  

I'll always love Nashville and I'll always love these girls!  Thank you so much for a fantastic 48 hours away.  It refreshed my mommy soul and made me miss you all over again!  

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