Thursday, October 22, 2015

Camp NanaPawPaw 2015

Camp NanaPawPaw began with Nana in Texas to retrieve her campers.  She came to help with the LONG drive to Alabama.  It was actually pretty uneventful.

The campers were greeted with this big surprise!   A blow up waterslide for their backyard pleasure!  It was a big hit with the boys and it drew a crowd every morning, sometimes even before 8am!

This year we had an additional camper staying the night.  Allie Gray came of age to stay at Camp NanaPawPaw and the cousins really enjoyed the company of one another for a few weeks!

These two littles fought for the attention of whichever "Mommy" was the closest.  Swimsuits are optional when you're in the under 2 sector.  

Only the finest and most nutritious foods were served to the campers.  I won't say that this photo wasn't also take at 8am.  This is the kinds of things that go down at Camp NanaPawPaw!

Science 'spirments were performed on the daily.  You're never too young to learn about safety in Science with your goggles on!

We also held a homestead 101 class where the campers were taught bean shelling.  Not pictured is the farming/harvesting that was done.  We picked squash, watermelon, and LOTS of tomatoes!  You never know when these skills are going to come in handy!  

A box provides endless opportunities to pretend it's a house/cave/rocketship/jail.  And you'd think Lillian didn't have any clothes from these photos.  Trust me, that is NOT the case!!

One of the "mommy's" of the week. It didn't matter which one picked up the babies but someone had to hold them! 

We took a family trip to the Rattlesnake Saloon.  It's an underground restaurant in a cave.  Super cool place and the kiddos LOVED the live music to dance to!  

Sister, Sister
Cousin, cousin

Oatmeal cream pies were consumed on the same porch I'm certain that I ate my fair share of oatmeal cream pies.  Nostalgia at it's finest!

Miss Marie came to visit us!  We love spending time with her!  We were glad she made a guest appearance at camp!

We took Aunt Janie's boat out on the lake for the closing camp ceremonies!  We even got her on the tube which was pretty epic!  

Camp NanaPawPaw was a smashing success and we can't wait until next year to do it all again!  

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