Thursday, November 5, 2015

Closet Friends

About a year ago, I "met" this sweet friend online.  At the time, we had 2 things in common.  We both had infant girls and we both had a love for boutique girls clothing.  We talked every day on Facebook.  We went WAAAyyy beyond talking about clothes.  We talked like we had been friends for YEARS!  Our husbands joked that we couldn't be "friends" because we had never met.  We knew we needed to fix that.  Except I'm in Texas and she's in Arkansas.  Then this summer during our travels to Alabama.  I was headed home from a weekend in Nashville.   I mentioned it to her right when her and her family were traveling through Nashville home from vaca.  She had her husband TURN AROUND on the interstate and meet me for lunch!  And just as we thought, it was like meeting an old friend for lunch.  There was never a conversation delay and we picked up right where our last chat conversation stopped.  

Then 2 weeks later, we were going back to Texas through Arkansas and I told her where we planned to stop for lunch on Sunday.  That girl grabs her kids from church and meets us at the Cracker Barrel on the road home!  See that's what real friends do!  (Take that husbands!)  We still talk daily and have even been keeping the post office in biz mailing dresses back and forth like a shared closet!  We may have become friends over fancy little girls dresses but it's WAY more than just dresses!

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