Monday, October 5, 2015

Deep in the HOT of Tomball, TX

I wish I could convey to you the amount of humidity that was involved in taking these photos.  Imagine running a half a sauna.  That was something like what it felt like this July day just after an epic thunderstorm turned into blazing sun.  I didn't know I could sweat so much.  
Remember that scene in The Wizard of Oz, the one where the witch was "MMmmmmmeelting".  That was us.  Mom and I.  We were the wicked witches, melting into a puddle.  


Tomball is a quaint little town near us with antique shops and a little courtyard between the shops.  I knew it would be picture perfect, I didn't know it would put us on the brink of heat stroke.

At least all the kids were perfect.  Well most of them.  Ok, ONE of them, and I'll just let you guess on that one.  Lincoln did his best robot imitation most of the time and was devastated when we asked him to just act natural.  Then they found some snails and refused to put them down much to Lillian's amusement and dismay at the same time.  

So the snails made the portraits as well.  Several in each of their hands.  Hey, at least it kept them from putting their hands on each other.  

Fine!  We will just make your pictures while looking at the slimy bugs and call it a day!  
They really weren't that bad for the amount of heat and sweat we forced them to endure. 

We walked across the street and had ice cream and took a dip in the splash pad.  It was refreshing and delicious.  
And well deserved by all!

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