Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lamborghini Lover

We pass the dealership for these fancy cars, Jackson asks to go and look at them.  He asked his dad if they could get "dressed up" and go talk to the dealership about them and Jason asked why they'd need to get dressed up.  He said because then they'd think we could afford one.  He knows EVERY fact about them, how fast, how much, how many etc.  He's car crazy.

I stopped in on a regular Tuesday to talk to them and see if we'd deter business if we just looked around for a few minutes.  They were gracious (although I'm sure we're their worst nightmare).  They let us look around, they answered Jackson's questions and even let them sit in one of the cars.  Lillian picked out one that matched her blue dress.  She told her daddy its the perfect car for when she turns sweet 16!  

He was pretty happy about getting to chill in such a luxury car!

He was one happy 9 year old leaving that dealership and he told them he'd see them again one day when he's back to purchase his.  I sure hope he's right!!

Jackson is also obsessed with Tesla electric cars.  He knows every thing about them and never misses seeing one on the road.  I called the Tesla company and asked about a tour and the factory is in California but they have a store here in the Woodlands.  I set up a test drive for Jason and Jackson and they got to go and get all kinds of swag and test drive a Tesla.  It really does go that fast.  The guy let them "gun it" and they went 0-60 in like 3 seconds!  That was a really big hit also.  No pictures of that test drive.  Daddies don't do photos, they just go fast!

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